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How much does Schedulicity cost?
How much does Schedulicity cost?
Monthly subscription price, Schedulicity pricing, free plan
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Here is a bit of info on our subscription pricing. Subscriptions start at just $34.99 for a solo provider account, and you can use all the tools we have!

When you sign up for a totally FREE account, you can schedule up to 10 bookings per month, while having access to our reporting tools, website integrations, and email notifications for both you and your clients. This is a great way to get your feet wet with Schedulicity and make sure things are working for you.

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From there, if you need more than 10 bookings a month and you're ready to rock, you can always turn on the Unlimited Plan and book away! Plus, you'll have access to a whole lot of other goodness 🥳

Unlimited Plan Pricing

  • 1 provider: $34.99/month

  • 2 providers: $44.99month

  • 3 providers: $54.99/month

  • 4 providers: $64.99/month

  • 5 providers: $74.99/month

  • 6 providers: $84.99/month

  • 7+ providers: $94.99/month

What's a provider? A provider is anyone who offers a service, class, or workshop and who clients will be booking with. For example, a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or stylist! 

Besides Unlimited Bookings, the Unlimited Plan includes all of our sweet features:

  • Client Text Reminders: Email notifications are included in your account for free, but texts are on the rise so we offer texts as well!

  • Payment Processing: This allows you to process your clients' credit card payments directly through Schedulicity!  You have your choice of using our integration or with the online payment processor Stripe. Be sure to check out our sweet self-checkout option, Norm, too.

  • Package Management: This feature gives you the option to sell and track session-based packages for your clients. Super cool!

  • Auto-Billing: This feature allows you to charge your clients monthly for unlimited classes and workshops.  Once you have set a client up with auto billing, they can book classes or workshops on their end without submitting any payment. This feature is currently offered for unlimited classes and workshops, as well as a set amount of services per month!

  • Multiple Location accounts: If you have more than one location that you'd like to link, you can link them together using this feature to easily toggle between the accounts.

  • Email Marketing: Choose from an array of templates, to send customized marketing emails to your clients.

  • Automated Marketing Option: This allows you to create automatic Thank You, Birthday, Time to Book, and Re-Engagement emails to keep you in touch with your clients while you work! After a quick setup, the feature runs in the background, increasing your revenue while also saving you money. 👌

  • Plus even more! We've got Product Management, Linked Accounts, a Waitlist feature, waivers, plus visibility in our Schedulicity search portal.

Also, if you're new to Schedulicity, be sure to check in with one of our Customer Experience Rockstars if you have any questions! Feel free to click the chat bubble in the lower right, or send us an email at!

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