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How do I set up client text message reminders?
How do I set up client text message reminders?

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πŸ“± Client text reminders make a huge impact for businesses, especially when it comes to reducing No-Shows. Here's all you need to know about those helpful reminders.

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Opting in clients for appointment text reminders

Clients need to be opted in for text reminders to send! There are a handful of different ways for clients to get opted for text reminders:

  • Right after their booking! If clients aren't opted in, they'll be asked if they want to opt in after booking on line πŸ₯§

  • They can opt in under their "My Preferences" tab. We've got steps for your clients on how to do that right here!

  • You can manually opt clients in right from within their profile in your client list

πŸ‘‰ Opting folks in from your end:

  1. Click the three lines in the top left, and choose Clients

  2. Open a client's profile, and to the Client Text Reminders section

  3. Click the Opt-In Client button

  4. Select to opt them in with their primary phone number or enter a different number

  5. Check the box to confirm the client would like to receive text reminders about their appointments

  6. Click the final Opt In button!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: We've drafted an invite email you can send out to clients right from your Schedulicity Dashboard! This prompts clients to opt themselves in for text reminders, and will include a link they can click on to take them right to where they can update their preferences for that! Here's how you can get that sent out:

  1. Click the three lines in the top left, and choose Dashboard from the menu

  2. Under Do More with Schedulicity, click the arrows until you see the suggestion to Tell Clients about Text Reminders

  3. Choose that option and confirm to send the message by clicking Send Invite

When clients are opted in, here's a peek at the text reminders they'll receive πŸ‘€

For Service Based Appointments:

For Classes & Workshops:

Confirm Appointments

For service based appointments, as long as clients are opted into text reminders, they will receive a reminder message asking them to Confirm their appointment.

  • Clients can respond to the text reminder with Confirm

  • On the business side calendar, you'll see a check mark on the appointment indicating that the client confirmed their booking via text βœ…

  • Under the Original Appointment details, you'll also see fine print of the date & time that the client confirmed their booking

❗Confirm texts are for service (1 on 1) based appointments. Clients attending classes and workshops will not see the confirm option.

To Disable Client Text Reminder Confirmations

  1. Head to the Settings

  2. Choose Policies

  3. Now, General Policies

  4. Scroll to the Client Text Reminders area and toggle off Request that clients confirm their appointments through the text reminder

See who's opted in to text message reminders

Grab a list of your clients who have been opted in to receive text message reminders by exporting your client list to excel! With the exported list, there's a column labeled SMS enabled- If the client is opted in, there will be an X in the column. If they aren't, the column will be blank.

If you want to see if just one client is opted in, check out that client's profile! If they haven't opted in, you'll see the option to send them an individual invite right there or you can opt them in yourself.

Editing the phone number a client is opted in with

There are a couple of things to consider when looking to edit a client's text reminder number. First, if the client opted themselves in from their end, the client will need to update their number from their end, so if you aren't seeing the option to change their number, that's why. If you opted the client in from your end, you'll see the option to update that right within their profile.

That said, check out the steps below for both possible scenarios. πŸ‘‡

If you opted your client in to receive appointment text reminders on your end, you can totally make that update right within their client profile:

  1. Open their client profile page from the Client List

  2. Within the Client Text Reminders section, you'll see they are currently opted in

  3. Click the Change button

  4. Enter the new phone number and hit Update (you will need to confirm the client wants to be opted-in once again)​

If your client opted-in themselves on their end and now need to change that number, they'll want to edit their number on their end. Good news is, it's really easy! πŸ‘‡

  1. At, Select the three-line menu in the upper left and click My Preferences

  2. At the top of this screen, you'll see the Phone number listed for your text reminders- click Edit

  3. Save!

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