Client text reminders make a huge impact for a lot of businesses, especially when it comes to reducing No-Shows. We understand how important that extra reminder is for clients, and for your business, and we even pulled a little data to show ya just how effective they can be:

Of our 2,373 Hair Stylist businesses, 1,087 had appointments and No-Shows prior to using Text Reminders. Of those 1,087 businesses, 66% showed improved No-Show rates after setting up Text Reminders! 

How about that?!

How do I set up client text reminders for my business?

If you're interested in clients receiving text message reminders for their appointments, it's included in the Unlimited Plan, along with a whole bunch of other handy features! 💥

To get things rolling with client text reminders, check out these steps in the Schedulicity dashboard, and then you can start opting them in:

  1. Click on the three lines in the top left, and choose My Plan

  2. Hit the "Manage Plan" tab across the top

  3. Toggle Unlimited Bookings Plus to "on" (it will turn purple)

  4. Lastly, press the "Review & Confirm" to get things rolling

Opting in clients for appointment text reminders

Once you've turned this on, make sure that clients are opted in to receive text messages! There are a handful of different ways for clients to get opted for text reminders:

  • They can opt themselves in under their "My Preferences" tab. We've got steps for your clients on how to do that right here!

  • You can manually opt folks in right from within their profile in your client list

If you'd like to go the route of opting folks in from your end, you'll be able to do that with these steps:

  1. Click the three lines in the top left, and choose Clients from the menu

  2. Open a client's profile, and scroll down to the "Client Text Reminders" section

  3. Click the "Opt-In Client" button

  4. Either select to opt them in with their primary phone number, or enter in a different phone number

  5. Check the box to confirm that client would like to receive text reminders about their appointments

  6. Click the final "Opt In" button!

We've also drafted up a super handy invite email you can send out to clients right from your Schedulicity Dashboard! This will prompt clients to opt themselves in for text reminders, and will include a link they can click on to take them right to where they can update their preferences for that! Here's how you can get that sent out:

  1. Click the three lines in the top left, and choose Dashboard from the menu

  2. Under "Do More with Schedulicity" on the right-hand side click the arrows until you see the suggestion to "Tell Clients about Text Reminders"

  3. Click on that option, then confirm you'd like to send the message by clicking "Send Invite"

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