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How do I use the appointment waitlist?
How do I use the appointment waitlist?

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📆 The waitlist feature for service-based appointments allows you to easily fill in any gaps in your schedule where someone might cancel or if a client is looking for their ideal time.

Additionally, once enabled, clients can add themselves to the appointment waitlist while walking through the online booking workflow, freeing up time in your busy schedule.

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Enabling the waitlist

  1. From Settings, select Policies

  2. Click Appointment Policies

  3. Toggle the Service Waitlist to on

  4. If you want clients to add themselves to the waitlist, toggle the 2nd slider to on

  5. You have the option to hold spots for clients on your waitlist - 3rd slider. This means if a bookable spot is available to a waitlist client, up to 10 spots could be held. Clients booking online won't be able to book these spots. Pro Tip: CX Rockstars often recommend leaving this toggle off 💡

  6. Save!

Adding a client to the waitlist

When adding a client's request to the waitlist, you'll be able to:

  • Choose whether to send the client a confirmation for their waitlist request

  • Select the services the client would like to book and what provider they'd like to see—or pick Any Available Provider

  • Choose how long the client would like to remain on the waitlist

  • Select the days of the week, and times of day that work best for the client

  • Add any important notes!

Here are the steps to get someone added! 👇

  1. Head to the Calendar

  2. Click the Waitlist icon in the upper right corner (screenshot above)

  3. Choose Add to Waitlist

  4. Fill in your details, and be sure to hit Save

Managing your waitlist

If you have a client on your waitlist, Schedulicity will keep an eye on your schedule. We'll match up waitlist requests with open slots in your calendar that fit the client's criteria.

🔴 You'll get a red notification alert on the waitlist icon when a match/bookable request is available. Be on the lookout for that, and here is how you can book the client:

  1. Head back over to the Calendar

  2. Click the Waitlist icon in the upper right corner, and choose Manage Waitlist

  3. To look at available time slots for a client, click on their name❗Before booking the spot for your client, we advise checking in to see if the timing works

  4. Once confirmed with your client, select the date and time you'd like to book

  5. Click Book It

At this time the waitlist won't automatically message clients when you have a bookable spot. With that, you will want to reach out to clients and let them know!

Provider Waitlist Notifications

When a client adds themselves to the waitlist and chooses a specific provider, the provider will get an email notifying them of that waitlist request.

When you as a business adds the waitlist request, you can choose if you'd like that email notification to be sent 🎉

Editing a client's waitlist info

If you need to make adjustments to any of the criteria for a client on the waitlist, such as the available times, we make that simple as well!

  1. Head back over to the Calendar

  2. Click the Waitlist icon in the upper right corner

  3. Choose Manage Waitlist

  4. Select the Waiting for Match tab

  5. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the client's name and choose Edit

  6. Make your adjustments and Update

❗ If you have a busy waitlist, the feature could have some slow loading. If this is the case, click the "All" tab to see all waitlist requests (bookable and waiting for a match). This will populate all requests with ease.

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