If you're looking for a way to create promo codes to share discounts with clients without making them readily available on your Schedulicity business listing, then look no further! The Deal Manager is a great tool to run your own specials on Class or Appointment bookings for clients or to manage the influx of appointments you get from a daily deal with a company like Groupon, Living Social, etc. 

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How do I create a deal?

To create a Deal Manager promotion, walk through these steps below in the Schedulicity dashboard

  1. Navigate to Marketing and click the Deal Manager tile

  2. Select the “add new” button in the upper right-hand corner and choose whether the deal is for Services or Classes

  3. Choose which specific services/classes the deal will apply to as well as which providers will be offering the services/classes.

  4. Enter the other fun information for your deal including a name, description, and how much of a discount the deal is for (in percentage or dollars).

  5. Enter the valid dates when the deal will run and the Scheduling window, which are the dates when clients can book an appointment. Also, specify the terms and limits of your deal.

  6. Specify the maximum number of bookings available through the offer as well as the maximum number of bookings per day.

  7. Let us know if you'd like us to promote this deal in our Search Portal! With this option, clients are required to pay online at the time of booking, so your processor's fees do apply. We also collect a small booking fee of $1 each time one of these deals is booked from our search portal! Scroll down for more information on promoting deals.

  8. Don't forget to save your deal!

"Promoted" deals will automatically display in our Marketplace search results, but non-promoted deals are "private" just in case you only want to share them with a specific group of clients. 

Here's the pop-up agreement you'll see if you choose to promote your deal! Just check the box that says "promote eligible services in Schedulicity Special Offers." Then, you'll need to "agree" to the pop-up, with a heads up that there is a $1 booking fee with each deal booked through Schedulicity Special Offers and clients will be required to prepay to book. Once you hit "agree" the deal will be promoted!

How do I share my deal with clients?

Since non-promoted deals don't display within Schedulicity, you'll want to share them to your clients by sending a quick email marketing message or sharing on your Facebook page or Twitter!

Post on social media

Facebook and Twitter are simple links. Click to share, add a message, and then confirm that you'd like to post that. 

Send out a custom email 

Another awesome way to get your promotion out to all of your clients or a select group is to email it over to them directly! Here is how you can send over the direct link so your clients can book your promo:

  1. Navigate to Marketing and click the Deal Manager tile

  2. Select the deal from the list

  3. Under the “Share the deal” header, select the link in the text box under “Copy this link and share it”

  4. Copy the link in the text box and use it to share your deal with your clients!

Or if you have the Unlimited Plan, you can just choose the "Go to Email" button and the link will be included right within the "Schedule Now" button from any of the templates you choose! 💥

Share your link everywhere

The "Share Link" option will take you to the deal itself (just as clients will see it). You can send that link out in any way you please. Keep in mind, these Deals are for you to create as a special, so the deal will not display in your list of services or your business info page automatically. You have full control over sharing the deal via your social media accounts online.

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