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How do my clients confirm their appointments?
How do my clients confirm their appointments?

Can clients confirm appointments via text? Check mark on calendar

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Having your clients confirm their service based appointments is nice and easy 🌞 🎢.

As long as clients are opted into your text reminders, they will receive a reminder message asking them to Confirm their service based appointments. Here's more on making sure your client is opted into text reminders.

  • Clients respond to the text reminder with Confirm

  • On the business side calendar, you'll see a check mark on the appointment indicating that the client confirmed their booking via text βœ…

  • Under the Original Appointment details, you'll also see fine print of the date & time that the client confirmed their booking

❗Keep in Mind: Confirm texts are for service based appointments (1 on 1). Clients attending classes and workshops will not see the confirm option. The text cannot be edited as they contain only the certain number of characters allowed.

Check it out πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ :

*Via the Appointment Calendar

*Via the Original Appointment Details

To Disable or Enable Client Text Reminder Confirmations:

  1. Head to Settings -> then Policies -> select General Policies

  2. Scroll down to the Client Text Reminders toggle. Disable or Enable the Request that clients confirm their appointments through the text reminder, slider to the

    Off or ON position

  3. Then Save your changes

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