We've set up an awesome Email Marketing feature to let you send email messages to all of your clients, specific clients, or specially targeted lists of clients. It's so easy!

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How to send a custom email

  1. Head to Marketing, and select the Email Marketing tile

  2. Select the "New Email" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

  3. Across the top, choose the template you would like to use

  4. Press the "Change" button to choose who you'd like to receive the message (see "Can I filter my recipient list" to check out more details)

    • ⭐ If you're noticing that your recipient list is smaller than normal, check out our update here for more information.

  5. Select your mailing list, then hit Save and Continue in the upper right corner to return to your message

From here, you're ready to start creating your message! 

  1. Add a Subject, Email Header (if you'd like a Header), and type your message into the Body of the email

  2. Once you're done creating the message, click the Save button

On the next screen, a little checklist will appear for you to be sure you are ready to send! Here you can send yourself a test message if you wish to check it out before sending:

You can then make final changes to your email (edit message) or send it to your clients by pressing "Send It!" 🚀

💡 Pro tip: If you've sent a beautiful email and wish you could send it out again, we've got you covered! Select that email from the email list, and opt to "edit and resend"—you can edit the message if you want, and then click Save to continue through the email flow as usual.

Can I filter my recipient list?

You bet! We have a handful of filters that you can use when selecting your client list. Check 'em out:

  • Custom— This allows you to handpick who will receive your message.

  • By Package Expiration– You can let clients with packages that will be expiring soon know that it's time to get booking!

  • By Age | Gender— Select the age or gender demographic of clients you'd like to email.

  • By Age | Postal Code | Gender— Even more specific demographics for you to use.

  • By Postal Code— Especially useful if you have clients in different cities!

  • By Birthday— Send out a tailored birthday email to your clients. If this interests you, our Automated Marketing feature can do this automatically!

  • By Package use— Use this if you sold Packages but haven't seen those clients in a while.

  • Never Scheduled— Encourage your clients to book online! This will filter clients who are in your client list but have never had a booking or don't book themselves online. It's a great way to ensure that they have your link.

  • By Package— The best way to target clients who purchased a specific Package.

  • By Service— Allows you to message clients who book a specific class.

  • By Tags— If you use Tags for email marketing purposes, this is how to group all of those clients!

  • By Provider— So helpful if you ever need to update clients about a specific provider.

  • By Class— Allows you to email clients who attend specific classes.

  • By Workshop— Gets your list updated to clients who schedule specific workshops.

    ⭐ If you're noticing that your recipient lists are smaller than normal, check out our update here for more information.

What are the email marketing statuses?

There are a few different options you might see for your email messages under the Status column. Here's what those mean:

  • Pending: When a business sends out a mass email or to a large recipient list for the first time, the email is sent through our spam detection filters. Your message should go out after a short time once it has made it through the filter system. No need to send your message again if your email is pending; it will indeed go out.

  • Sending...: This means that your message is in the process of being sent out. You'll see the number of recipients increase as the email is sent out. Again, no need to send the message again if it is sending because this will result in your clients receiving multiple emails.

  • Sent: This means that your message has been successfully sent! You can see how many recipients were included, any problem emails, and when it was sent.

  • Never Sent: This means that your message has not been sent. This is most likely due to the system catching multiples of the same email and only sending out the first.

Can I add custom images or videos to my email?

While we'd LOVE to grow this feature in the future, we don't yet have a way to add images or videos into those custom emails. We do work hard to offer lots of flexibility in the pre-loaded custom templates, definitely check those out if you haven't already—and let us know if there's a certain type of template you feel could be added! We'd gladly share that idea with our design team 🎨

Can clients opt back into my custom emails once they are opted out?

Yes, they sure can! Because your client is the owner of their email address, they will need to opt themselves back into receiving those messages. The great news is... it's super straightforward!

Here are the steps that your clients can take to get opted back in to receive email marketing messages from you in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Head to www.schedulicity.com and log into your Schedulicity account

  2. Click the three-line menu in the upper left and choose My Preferences

  3. Next to the little Email icon of the business you'd like to resubscribe to, click "subscribe"

  4. You're all set to receive emails again!

If clients ever need help, they can always contact Schedulicity support at support@schedulicity.com for one-on-one assistance as well. 😊

What's Next?

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