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What is the linked accounts feature?
What is the linked accounts feature?
Booth rental, independent contractor, shared studio set-up
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Does your setup include a shared studio, independent contractors, or booth rentals? We've got the perfect solution for you 🥳 Linked accounts, included with our Unlimited Plan, allows independent contractors full control of their own Schedulicity account, while also providing a way to link up to the other booth renters in a group salon set up! This allows clients to find and book with any of the independent contractors at a salon from their main salon page, while the independent contractors can also manage their schedule, policies, payments, and client list through their own private account. Slick, right?

Getting set up with linked accounts is a breeze—let's chat it through.

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Setting your account role

The first thing you'll want to do, is choose what your account role is. This helps Schedulicity understand how your business is related to the business accounts you're linking up to! You can determine your account role under Settings > Linked Accounts, and will have the choice of:


You would choose this role if you were the owner of the larger salon space, and you had independent contractors renting out booths and/or suites within the salon space.

Shared Studio

You would choose this role if you are the owner of the business license, and you rent out a studio space at a larger salon, and shared that space with another independent contractor or booth renter.

Booth Renter

You would choose this role if you work as an independent contractor at a larger salon, and rent out a booth or suite there; or if you were the second party (usually not the owner of the business license) of a shared studio!

Linking accounts

Once you've determined what your account role is, you're all ready to go to get linked up to the other accounts you're related to! Here's how it works:

  1. From Settings, click on the "Linked Accounts" tile

  2. Click the "Add Link" button

  3. Use the drop-down to determine whether you'd like to search by business name, admin email, or business phone

  4. Enter in your search terms and click "Search"

  5. Select the appropriate business from the search results, and confirm by clicking "Send Request"

From there, the admin of the appropriate account will be notified that you've requested to link up to their business, and will have the ability to accept or decline your request. On your end you'll notice Linked Accounts will be sorted into "Pending Requests" and "Active Links", and you'll be able to cancel any pending requests by simply clicking "Cancel Request".

Important: Getting set up with Linked Accounts will not allow you to see each other's calendars. If you need to be ablet to book appointments for other providers, you'll be able to connect with our Multiple Locations feature!

Shared Marketplace business listing

Once accounts are linked up, while they will always still have their own individual business listings (and if someone searches just for you, your listing will pop right up as usual!) they will also have a shared listing that will look kinda like this 👇

The name and the logo at the top can be customized by the person at the top of the hierarchy (so the account with the "Owner" or "Shared Studio" role) under Settings > Linked Accounts. Clicking "Schedule Now" beside any of the linked businesses on this page will bring the client right to that account's personal business listing page so they can schedule.

Unlinking accounts

Unlinking from an account is super simple, and you can do so at any time. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the three lines in the upper left-hand corner and choose Settings

  2. Click on the "Linked Accounts" tile

  3. Under the "Active Links" tab, click "Unlink" beside any account you would like to unlink from

  4. Confirm you'd like to unlink!

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