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How do I manage Multiple Locations?
How do I manage Multiple Locations?

Get started with Multiple Locations, link/connect accounts, toggle between locations, remove location, share access with provider

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Multiple Locations helps you manage multiple Schedulicity accounts out of one main account. Each location is properly mapped, clients receive location specific notifications and you can flip between accounts to manage calendars and account access ✨

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Link up an existing account or create a new one

Link your Main Account up to an existing account:

  1. Go to Settings, and choose Multiple Locations

  2. Select Add Location

  3. Click on Sign Into Existing Account

  4. Use the admin credentials of this existing account to log in

  5. Once you click Next this account will be linked to your main account

πŸ‘‰ The admin of the added account will be sent an email alerting them their account is connected to another location. You'll see their business listed under Your Locations on your Multiple Locations page with all providers/front desk users that have logins listed.

How to add a brand new account to link to:

  1. Go to Settings, and choose Multiple Locations

  2. Select Add Location in the lower right

  3. Choose on New Account

  4. Enter the information asked for. Adjust the Industry if it's different and verify you agree to our Provider Subscription Agreement.

  5. Once you click Next your new account will be created and linked up!

This account will default to be hidden from our Marketplace search results and you will automatically be created as a provider. Your work schedule will be set to Out and you won't have any services offered. From here, you can work on getting this new account fully set up and we're here for you every step of the way!

Here is what clients will see and can click the drop down to head to other locations πŸ‘‡

Give a provider/user access to another location

If you have providers or users that also need access to more than one account, you have the ability to manage each user's login access to each account. This makes it easy for users to toggle between locations and keeps adding users into locations simple:

  1. Go to Settings, and choose Multiple Locations

  2. From here, check the Manage Access area

  3. If a user has login access, you'll see their name here. You can use the drop-down arrow beside their name to see the locations they have access

  4. Click Change beside the location you'd like to grant them access to

  5. Select if you'd like to add them into that location as a Front Desk user or a Provider

  6. Save!

As you probably know, adding a user to an account changes the pricing of that account, so please keep that in mind and let us know if you have any questions from here!

Switch between locations

When you're linked to other locations, you'll be able to easily switch between accounts by using the location dropdown along the top of your account πŸ‘

Remove a linked location from your account

  1. Head to Settings and click Multiple Locations

  2. Find the location you'd like to unlink and click the down arrow to expand the view

  3. Choose Unlink Location

  4. If the account was made when linked, verify it's okay the account being canceled and fully deactivated (If you still need access to this account, reach out to us)

  5. If this account existed before it was linked via Multiple Locations, verify you understand that access will be removed for shared users

  6. Click Unlink Location to disable the connection

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