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How do I manage provider profiles?
How do I manage provider profiles?

Add, edit or remove employees, edit provider profile, add provider image, reorder providers, any available provider, create login, SOAP note

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Here's all you need to know about adding, editing, and removing providers πŸ‘

When setting users up on Schedulicity, there are two kinds of logins: Service Provider logins and Front Desk logins.

  • We recommend using provider and front desk logins as they allow you to track who has booked or edited appointments.

  • These logins have full access to the appointment calendar, classes, and clients pages on the account.

  • They are unable to access the account settings, marketing pages, or export the client list. Limited logins also have access to the Schedule Report πŸ“†

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Add a provider to your account

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Click on +Add New

  3. Add their name, bio, and notification info (if they'd like to receive emails or text messages when clients book/cancel appointments with them)

  4. If you'd like, on the next page create a User Account so that your provider can login and access your Schedulicity Account.

  5. Enter full name, email address they'll login with, set default landing page, then set SOAP note access, now Create User Account to save.

  6. Your provider will be sent an email to set up their password.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: If a provider doesn't receive the password creation email, they can go through the login process and select forgot password, which will send them a new email!

❗Now that you've created your provider profile be sure to set up their work schedule, choose which services they offer, and add a profile picture.

Create a login for an existing provider

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Select the provider, then the Account tab

  3. Click Create a User Account. Enter full name, email login, set default landing page, and set SOAP note access

  4. Select Create User Account to save

  5. Your provider will be sent an email to set up their password.

They're all set to log in and manage their bookings!

Assign services offered by a Provider

❗ If you're a service-based business, you'll need to select what services your provider offers. Providers need to have services assigned to their profile to display on the appointment calendar and be bookable.

Check it out:

  1. From within the provider profile, choose the Services tab

  2. Select Edit List

  3. Select what services they offer and Update

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: If your service prices, durations or cleanup times vary from provider to provider, you can customize them accordingly right within the provider profile! Take a peek here for more details.

How do I give a provider access to SOAP notes?

In order for a provider to view, edit or add SOAP notes, they will first need access to that more sensitive information. Here's how to set that up via the Admin login:

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Click on your Provider's name, select Account, then Edit

  3. Select what kind of SOAP note access you'd like the provider to have: no access, view only, or full access

  4. To save, select Update User Account

Add a profile picture

Including a profile picture for providers adds a nice personal touch to your Schedulicity business listing! If you are the admin for the account, here's how you can add that picture:

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Choose the Provider from the list, and click the pencil icon on the image

  3. Choose Browse to select the image from your computer, and click Change Image. We recommend a size of 200 x 200 pixels so that your image does not appear distorted on the client-side

  4. Save!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Is your provider not showing up on your business listing? Providers need a profile picture or bio to display in the Staff section of your Schedulicity business listing. These bios and photos can then be viewed by clients while scheduling online!

Add a provider bio

This bio will be visible to any clients viewing your business listing and helps to engage clients with your listing while also helping them select a provider for their booking.

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Choose the provider from the list, select the Details tab, and Edit

  3. Save your changes 🌟

Reorder providers

Reordering providers will determine how they are listed on the business side of your account, on the client side and in your daily view of the appointment calendar πŸ“†

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Click and hold on the provider name (for about 1 whole second), then move that provider to where you'd like them to be on the list

  3. Once you drop it, the order will automatically save!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: On this screen, you have the option to have Any Available Provider show to clients when they are booking online as well as if you want that option to be at the top or bottom of the list!

Remove Provider Login Access

To remove a Provider's ability to login to your account:

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Select the Provider's name from the list

  3. Click on the Account tab -> then Remove Sign In and confirm Yes

❗This will immediately remove that provider's ability to login going forward!

Remove a provider from your account

If you've had a provider leave your business, you are able to delete that provider just as soon as all of their upcoming appointments are deleted or moved to another provider. We don't want any client appointments to be missed!

❗Check out the Clients by Provider/Instructor and Estimated Revenue reports if you're hoping to save some data on that provider before removing them from the account. Not to worry though, the Schedule Report will contain that provider should you need any information about them in the future. πŸ‘

To delete a provider:

  1. From Settings, navigate to Providers/Instructors

  2. Select the provider from the list

  3. Click the Delete on the Details tab

  4. You'll see a confirmation message. Select "Yes" to delete the provider

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: If you receive an error message letting you know that the provider has future appointments on the calendar, please check out the Schedule report for that provider. This report can help you track down any sneaky lingering appointments or classes that the provider was assigned to! Once those have been canceled or moved to a different provider, you'll be all set to get the provider completely deleted. And, of course, if you need a hand tracking down any remaining appointments, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly Support Rockstars at

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