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Do you have SOAP notes & how do I use them?
Do you have SOAP notes & how do I use them?
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Schedulicity does have SOAP notes 📣

Giving businesses a way to document sessions with patients to help assess and diagnose treatment plans on a continued basis. A few things to keep in mind as you dive in:

  • SOAP notes are available for no extra charge with the Unlimited Plan

  • SOAP notes are available for service based appointments

  • SOAP notes can be accessed via a client's appointment session or a list of all SOAP notes via the client's profile

  • SOAP notes cannot be accessed by all providers unless given access by the account administrator

    ❗ While we take security very seriously and SOAP notes are encrypted and require admin access, Schedulicity is not HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant

    ❗Please note: SOAP notes cannot be retrieved if deleted. These are encrypted in our system for security for you and your clients' privacy. Only the Admin and Providers with access can read them. With that, if they are deleted we have no way to retrieve them.

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How do I add a SOAP note to an appointment?

  1. Select your appointment via the Appointment Calendar

  2. Select View Appointment Details from the menu, and then click on

    +Add SOAP Note under the provider name

  3. After entering your notes -> make sure to hit Save at the bottom

How do I give a provider access to SOAP notes?

Sure thing! In order for a provider to view, edit or add SOAP notes, they will first need access to that more sensitive information. Here's how to set that up via the Admin login:

  1. Head to Settings -> Providers/Instructors

  2. Click on your Provider's name, select Account, then Edit

  3. At the bottom select what kind of SOAP note access you'd like the provider to have: no access, view only, or full access

  4. To save your changes, select Update User Account

What do SOAP notes look like 👀 ?

  • Providers with account permission can Create, Read, Edit and Delete SOAP notes. Here's what they look like:

How do I see my client's SOAP notes?

SOAP notes are tied to each appointment and can be accessed from an appointment directly or from the Client Profile. Here's how to find those:

Find a single SOAP note for an appointment:

  1. Click on your Appointment Calendar -> then select the appointment you'd like to view

  2. Choose View Appointment Details from the menu

  3. Then select View/Edit SOAP note under the provider name

  4. From there you can edit or add to your SOAP note and also print

See all SOAP notes for a client:

  1. Select the 3 lines in the upper left and choose Clients

  2. Enter your client's name in the search bar, and select their name

  3. Once on the client profile, you'll see the 3 most recent SOAP notes on the bottom left

  4. Click See All to pull up all SOAP notes (up to 7 years in the past)

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