Do you offer services that have variable pricing—services that are priced depending on the client or how the appointment goes? Or perhaps you are operating in an environment where the providers offer the same service but with different durations, prices, or clean-up times than what you have set up in Settings? Either way, we've got your back!

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Set up "Starts At" pricing

We have an easy way for you to mark a service's price as the "Starts At" price instead of a fixed price. You'll be able to set up that pricing on the provider level by using these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on the "Providers/instructors" tile

  2. Select a provider

  3. On the Services tab, click "Customize"

  4. Use the drop-down arrow to select "Start's At" 👇

  5. Save

Now, when a client views that service, the price will be marked as starting at the dollar amount entered, like this:

You'll be able to adjust the cost of the appointment to charge your client the correct amount by using these steps:

  1. Open the appointment and click the shopping cart icon to open checkout

  2. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the service

  3. Choose "Edit Price"

  4. Enter the price you'd like to charge, and save!

From there, you can walk through checkout as usual! 💃 

Show specific prices or service durations per provider

If you offer services where their prices or durations vary at the provider level, you can adjust this right within their provider's profile! This avoids creating individual services for providers and makes online booking easier for your clients.

To adjust service settings per provider, go through these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on the "Providers/instructors" tile

  2. Select the provider whose services you’d like to adjust

  3. Under the “Services” tab, select the service you would like to customize

  4. Make your changes to the duration, clean-up time, price, and whether a client can book online

  5. Save your changes!

If ever you want to remove these customized fields and revert back to the main service duration/price/cleanup time under Settings, hit "reset to original values."

If the prices and durations vary by provider, the price and duration will show as a range on the client side. For example, if one provider offers a service for $10 and another provider offers the service for $25, the price of that service will show the lowest price:

When the service is selected, the price for each provider will be shown:

Then, when a service provider is chosen, the price associated with them and the duration will display for the appointment.

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