To change up yours or your provider's recurring weekly availability, let's head directly to the provider profile to get that updated. Heads up: only the admin on the account can make these changes, so if you're a provider please send these steps to your admin to get your schedule updated:

  1. Click on the three lines on the upper left-hand corner and choose Settings

  2. Click on the "Providers/Instructors" tile

  3. Click on the provider name in the list

  4. Choose "edit" next to the Current Schedule

  5. Enter in the scheduled hours for each day of the week

This will adjust what displays to clients as available days and times when they are booking online. On the business side, you can always book outside of your business hours if you want!

If you need to create any breaks in the middle of the day you can use recurring personal time right on the calendar.

What if my schedule doesn't change?

If you have just updated your work schedule under Settings and you are noticing the appointment calendar is not reflecting those changes, it sounds like those specific days were adjusted on the fly right from the appointment calendar.

Here is the deal: if a day is edited through the calendar and then the default work schedule is changed, the initial schedule changes from the calendar trump any changes later made to the work schedule. This is because the system assumes that you wanted those specific days edited so it doesn't touch them once you change up your schedule.

To fix this, these days will just need to be edited from within the appointment calendar again in order to trigger that change. Here is how you can do that just in case you need those steps:

  1. Open your Appointment Calendar and you'll find a gear icon at the top right corner of the screen. This is what you can use to edit your schedule on the fly or adjust one day in particular!

  2. Click on this icon to adjust the start/end time of your days or even mark them as Out completely. Of course, you can also open a day you don't normally work as well.

  3. Hitting save will immediately adjust your schedule for only those days you have edited.

What's Next?

  • Add your Time Off onto your calendar

  • Use Personal Time to block off your availability for lunch, or your own personal appointments and engagements

  • Set up a Future Schedule for an upcoming change in your regular availability

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