If you're wanting to collect payment from clients through Schedulicity, we have a couple of different options for you! This article will break down each of the different options so choose what will work best for your business. 🙌

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Built-in Payment Processing

Processing credit card payments is fully included in our Unlimited Plan, along with a low rate and contactless payment options:

We keep things nice and simple with one low rate: 2.5% + $0.15.

* Legacy Schedulicity Pay users: Contact us to opt into our new one-rate. You can also continue using your current card-not-present rate with Norm.

In order to start processing with our built-in payment processor you'll simply need the Unlimited Plan, and then you can walk through our quick and easy application! We'll get you up and processing in no time!

*Currently available in the U.S.

Third Party Integration Option

If you're one of our neighbors to the north (Canada, eh?) or you'd like to continue using an existing Stripe account, our Unlimited Plan also allows you to integrate your Schedulicity account with a Stripe account to process payments.

Stripe Processing Fees

Stripe has a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction—easy peasy!

Check out our great blog for a payment processing comparison chart to make sure you're connecting with the best payment processor for you and your business.

In a group account, can we each connect to our own payment processor?

While we don't have a way to tie multiple payment processing accounts to a single shared Schedulicity account, we do have a solution that could work for you, depending on your business set-up!

Linked accounts, included with our Unlimited Plan, allows independent contractors full control of their own Schedulicity account, while also providing a way to link up to the other booth renters in a group salon set up. This allows clients to find and book with any of the independent contractors at a salon from their main salon page, while the independent contractors can also manage their schedule, policies, payments, and client list through their own private account. Learn all about linked accounts here!

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