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What is the Auto Billing feature?
What is the Auto Billing feature?

Enroll your client for monthly automatic online payments for services, unlimited classes and workshops, monthly membership

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Schedulicity’s Auto Billing feature allows you to charge your clients monthly for services, unlimited classes, or workshops! Once you get your clients set up with their auto-billing plan, you can sit back, relax, and let the money roll in 🌴

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What is Auto Billing?

With the Unlimited Plan and a connected Payment Processor, you can always access, edit or cancel a client’s auto-billing subscription in their profile under the Auto Billing panel. Once you have set a client up, determine what date the auto-billing subscription starts. Once that start date rolls around, they will be able to book services, classes, or workshops on their end without submitting additional payment. They will see a message letting them know that Auto Billing will be used for their enrollment!

You can also access an Auto Billing Report to see estimated monthly revenue from subscriptions and view all active and failed subscriptions in one place. This feature is currently offered for unlimited classes and workshops and monthly service subscriptions.

All of the Auto Billing for your clients will be managed directly within their profiles under the Auto Billing section:

💡 Pro tip: Clients will automatically be emailed if their Auto Billing payment is declined.

How to set up a client for Auto Billing

First, you’ll want to ensure you have access to the Auto Billing feature by making sure the Unlimited Plan is enabled, and your account is connected to your preferred payment processor.

Once things are all set there, here’s how to set up that automatic payment:

  1. Head to your client’s profile

  2. Select the “Add Auto Billing button” and choose Monthly Services, Unlimited Monthly Classes, or Workshops

  3. If a credit card is currently stored on the client’s profile, the system will use that card info; otherwise, you’ll enter the client’s card info on this next screen

  4. Choose the Amount, Start and End Date, and client’s email address for receipts, then click Save!

The client will be billed on the day you choose as the start date, and the auto-billing payments will run into the end date!

👉 Important Note about Monthly Services: Unused sessions don't roll over into the next month, so hopefully this can incentivize clients to come in and see ya every month!

How to apply Auto Billing to a client’s appointment

If you need to check out a client that has Auto Billing turned on in their profile for a set amount of monthly services, check out these steps:

  1. Click on the appointment to open the Details page and select the “Checkout” button (the grocery cart icon in the top right)

  2. Click the 3 vertical dots after the service name to expand the menu and select Apply Auto Billing from there

  3. You’ll notice the remaining sessions listed there.

  4. Continue to click through the prompts by entering in payment method to continue through the gratuity process

  5. Then you’ll see the option to print or email a receipt

How to edit or cancel a client’s Auto Billing

If you need to make some changes or cancel an automatic credit card payment, check out these steps:

  1. Head to your client’s profile and select the vertical dots to the right of the auto-billing cycle you wish to cancel or edit

  2. Click to “Cancel” or “Edit”

  3. If canceling, choose to cancel immediately or cancel at the next bill date

  4. If you’re editing, make your necessary changes and click to “continue”

  5. On this next screen, review your changes and click to confirm any changes

💡 Pro tip: Any changes you make to an active auto-billing cycle will take effect on the next bill date, so no need to worry about them getting double-billed in a month. 👍

How to restart an auto-billing cycle

Not seeing a monthly payment come through, or did you skim through your Auto-Billing report and see some failed billing attempts? Follow these steps to get your client’s Auto Billing going again:

  1. Head to your client’s profile and select the vertical dots to the right of the Auto-Billing cycle

  2. Select the “Activate” option

  3. The auto-billing cycle will be restarted from today’s date onward!

💡 Pro tip: If your client’s card declined because it expired, you’ll need to add a new card on file!

Auto Billing Report

Curious how much money is being brought in by clients set up with Auto Billing? Need to check and make sure that your Auto billing clients are still in good standing? Follow along with these steps to check out the Auto Billing Report:

  1. Click on the three white lines in the upper left

  2. Select Reports

  3. Find the Auto Billing Report

💡 Pro tip: You can filter this report by status. Looking to find failed billing cycles? Use the filter to easily pull those clients.

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