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What is the Unlimited Plan?
What is the Unlimited Plan?

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With a Schedulicity business account, you'll always have the option to use the account in the free version, which includes 10 bookings per month. What if you need more than 10 bookings per month? Our Unlimited Plan will do just that and more! 😎

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What does the Unlimited Plan include?

  • Unlimited Bookingsβ€”You'll be able to book as many appointments as you can crank out each month. πŸ’₯ That means no interruption in scheduling and more appointments on your books.

  • Client Text Remindersβ€” Automatically remind clients of their upcoming appointments via text message 🀳

  • Package Managementβ€” Allow clients to purchase packages online and keep track of their package sessions 🎁

  • Auto Billingβ€” Does your business have a monthly membership or subscription? Check this out! πŸ’³

  • Automated Marketingβ€” Stay in touch with your clients with ease! Set up Automated emails to send out to your clients to wish them Happy Birthday, thank them for coming in, or remind them to book their next appointment. πŸ’‘

  • Credit Card Processingβ€” You can apply for our built-in payment processing (currently available in the U.S.) and experience a fully integrated payment solution. And for our Canadian businesses, you're covered by our integration with Stripe!

  • Email Marketing β€” Reach your client's inboxes with any newsletters, important information, well wishes or anything else that floats your boat β›΅

But wait, there's more!

With Schedulicity's Unlimited Plan, all of our fabulous features are included for one flat rate. You get:

  • You'll also have the ability to make your business listing visible in the Schedulicity Marketplace search results. Head to the Marketing area of your account and click on Business Listing to turn on visibility from there!

  • Selling and managing products? The product management tool will be available for you to track inventory as well as add a product at regular checkout and Quick Checkout.

  • Also available is the Linked Accounts feature. This is a great option for our independent contractors who need full control of their own Schedulicity account while also providing a way to link up to the other booth renters in a group salon setup! ✨

  • Service Waitlists is yet another perk of enabling the Unlimited Plan on your account. Once a waitlist request is added, the system can automatically hold that spot, so the waitlist recipient gets first dibs! 😊 Check it out here.

How much does Schedulicity cost?

We've made things simple with just one plan, and pricing for your business will depend on the number of providers or instructors you have on the account! Pricing starts at $34.99 for a solo provider account. Add an additional provider for $10 per month per provider. And if you have seven or more providers, we cap the monthly fee at $94.99. πŸ™Œ Here's a full breakdown of what you can expect:

  • 1 provider: $34.99/month

  • 2 providers: $44.99month

  • 3 providers: $54.99/month

  • 4 providers: $64.99/month

  • 5 providers: $74.99/month

  • 6 providers: $84.99/month

  • 7+ providers: $94.99/month

What's a provider? A provider is anyone who offers a service, class, or workshop and who clients will be booking with. For example, a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or stylist!

What's next?

  • Ready to get the Unlimited Plan up and running? Pop over to the Subscription area of your account.

  • Get some Packages set up

  • Be sure to utilize the Automated Marketing feature to stay in touch ✍🏻

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