Looking for a way to sell your client a package, product, or custom item without booking them an appointment? Have I got the thing for you—Quick Checkout!

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This exciting feature is available on the full site (www.schedulicity.com) as well as our Android app. It's coming soon for iOS—keep your eyes peeled! ✨

You can access Quick Checkout by clicking on the $ icon on the left-hand side of your screen. Let's walk through how it all works!

  1. Navigate to Quick Checkout by clicking on the $ icon along the left.

  2. Click the "+ add client" link to tie this purchase to one of your existing clients or use "Guest Checkout". (A client will be required for any sales including packages, as we'll need to know whose profile to put the package on!)

  3. Use the tabs on the left-hand side to select whether you'd like to add a custom item, package, or product to the cart. If you're selling a custom item, the only required field is the price, though you do have the option of adding a description, and a tax amount before adding it into the cart.

  4. Use the cart summary on the right-hand side to confirm it has the correct items.

  5. Use the three vertical dots to the right of any item to discount it, or remove it from the cart.

  6. Use the "+ add discount" button to discount a specific item on the list, or the subtotal.

  7. Once everything is looking just right, click "Continue."

  8. Select the tender type and complete the transaction!

You may also notice the Quick Checkout button right on client profiles, which is a great way to sell a product or package to a specific client! 🙌

You'll be able to view the sales you ring through here in both the Ticket Management Report, and the Transaction Report, with any sales rung through Guest Checkout listed under "Guest" on the Ticket Management report.

To get an idea of your product sales you can check out our Product Management Report, and the Sales Summary Report will have all the info on your custom item sales. 👍

What's Next?

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