What do the appointment icons mean?

Icon descriptions for the Appointment Calendar, exclamation mark, checkmark, check mark

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Want to know what those icons on your appointment stand for? We've got you covered πŸ™Œ

There are several different symbols that could appear on an appointment. If you hold your cursor over any icon, it will display what the icon represents. Here is a list of all possible icons:

  • The Car: Indicates an appointment requires travel time

  • The Curved Arrow: This appointment is part of a recurring series

  • The Frowny Face: You have applied a no-show to the appointment

  • The Green $: indicates that there is a transaction tied to the appointment. This includes all transactions: Fill My Book, Deal Manager, No-Show charge, Pre-pay, Deposit, and Payment on the business side.

  • The Paperclip: Indicates a message from the client or appointments notes have been added to the appointment.

  • The Star: The appointment is for a new client.

  • The Tag: This appointment has a Special Offer or Promotion attached.

  • The Red Circle "i": Notes a custom alert tied to the client, a failed auto-billing charge, or need to acknowledge a waiver

  • The Checkmark: This appointment has been confirmed. Text confirmations for service based appointments.

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