Want to know what those icons on your appointment stand for? We've got you covered πŸ™Œ

There are several different symbols that could appear on an appointment. If you hold your cursor over any icon, it will display what the icon represents. Here is a list of all possible icons for your reference:

  • The Car: Indicates an appointment that is offsite and requires travel time.

  • The Curved Arrow: This appointment is part of a recurring series.

  • The Frowny Face: You have applied a no-show to the appointment.

  • The Green $ indicates that there is a transaction tied to the appointment. This includes all transactions: Fill My Book, Deal Manager, No-Show charge, Pre-pay, Deposit, and Payment on the business side.

  • The Paperclip: Indicates a message from the client or appointments notes have been added to the appointment.

  • The Star: The appointment is for a new client.

  • The Yellow Tag: This appointment has a Special Offer or Add-on attached.

There are a couple differences in our iOS app, so here's a quick peek at what those look like πŸ‘‡

So you can see, rather than the star, the purple sparkle icon shows a new client, and the no-show icon, and special offer tag do not show in the iOS app.

If you're taking advantage of our handy iOS Business app, you may have noticed that some appointments have a little exclamation mark beside them on the dashboard! They look like this:

That little icon is calling out one or more of the following about the appointment:

  • A Fill My Book Deal

  • A message sent from the client

  • Appointment notes

  • A promotion

  • Or that the appointment was marked as a no-show

Pretty handy, right?

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