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How do I add notes to a client profile or appointment?
How do I add notes to a client profile or appointment?

Appointment notes, client notes, and client alerts

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There are two different ways to make notes in Schedulicity: Client Notes and Appointment Notes. These are both for internal use only, so your clients will not see the information you add in these fields.

Client Notes

These are a great way to store any information you wish to remember about your client. Many businesses use these to track color formulas, the client's occupation, ongoing case notes, progress, etc. Not to worry, these notes are all private just on the business side, so the client won't see what you type in this field.

To add notes to a client's profile:

  1. From the Client List, open their profile

  2. Hit "edit" at the top right of the screen in order to edit their Details.

  3. You'll see the option to add client notes right there! You can open their profile page to view or edit these notes whenever you need. These notes also display on the Appointment Edit screen, just look for the little push pin icon!

Appointment Notes 

You can use the appointment notes if you ever wish to jot down any information needed concerning that particular appointment! You can add notes at the time of booking it or when you edit an appointment. The appointment block will then have an icon of a paperclip indicating that you have notes!

Not to worry, these notes are private only to the business side, so your client will not be alerted of, or be able to see the note attached to the appointment.

You can view appointment notes directly from the appointment or you can export the Agenda View Report to see the notes as well!

What's Next?

  • Have you checked out client alerts yet? Those are super handy if you're wanting a notification to pop up when a client is enrolled in a class, or when you're booking an appointment for them!

  • Do you guys have any video tutorials? I'm a visual learner!

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