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How do I share Schedulicity to my calendar?
How do I share Schedulicity to my calendar?

Linking Schedulicity schedule to iCal, iPhone, iPad, Google Calendar, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365

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We know how important it is to keep your calendar organized and up-to-date. That's why we've added the option to set up a calendar share with your preferred calendar app!

👉 Please note: For all calendar shares, remember that this is a one-way share that displays one week into the past and 60 days into the future.

The one-way aspect means that your Schedulicity appointments will appear in the calendar, though any changes or edits will not transfer back to Schedulicity. Personal time blocks will also not transfer over. To avoid any confusion, we've found that most businesses prefer to work solely out of Schedulicity rather than trying to share two calendars.

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Get started with sharing your calendar

To get started with sharing your calendar, check out these steps within Schedulicity:

  1. Go to Settings and click the "Providers/Instructors" tile

  2. Select the provider whose calendar you want to share in the list

  3. Go to the Schedule tab

  4. At the bottom of the page,nder the Calendar Share header, ensure the slider is set to “yes”

  5. Select and copy the full calendar share URL that appears in the text field

  6. Paste into your calendar's calendar share section

💡 Pro tip: For any providers wanting to check out this feature—just let your administrator know so they can send you your calendar share URL.

Your next steps will depend on what calendar app you use!

Connecting Schedulicity to your calendar app

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Apple Calendar

Once you have your calendar share URL, head over to your Apple Calendar on your Mac and walk through these steps:

  1. Click on File in the menu bar of your iCal

  2. Choose the option "New Calendar Subscription"

  3. Paste your calendar share URL from Schedulicity into the field provided (starts with "webcal")

  4. You can then name the calendar, change the color, and change the alerts and auto-refresh options

Then you'll see your new calendar in the list!

Google Calendar

Before we get started on setting up your calendar share with Google, we did want to make you aware of a few things as there are some nuances with Google's calendar sharing option. 

First off, keep in mind that this is a one-way share. That means that your Schedulicity appointments will appear in your Google Calendar, and any appointments or changes made in Google will not be updated to Schedulicity. Additionally, any personal time blocks that you've added in Schedulicity will not show up in Google Calendar.

We've noticed that Google sometimes retrieves updates to your Schedulicity calendar infrequently. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for appointments to appear. We're not able to adjust this frequency as this is something that rests with the powers-that-be at Google— it is a known issue for any online calendars shared with Google Calendar.

Lastly, you should be aware that if an appointment is shared to Google and then updated in Schedulicity, Google will not show that update, nor will Google remove an appointment if it has been canceled on the Schedulicity end. We're bummed that Google isn't reflecting a more real-time connection between the calendars, though we wanted to make you aware of this. 

How to add Schedulicity to your Google calendar

You can share your Schedulicity calendar to Google through these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account using the full website—not the Google Calendar app

  2. Click the grid box at the top right of the page and select the Gmail Calendar option

  3. Click the "+" under the "Other Calendars" section

  4. Select the URL option

  5. In the prompt that displays, paste your generated Calendar Share URL from Schedulicity that starts with "webcal"

  6. Click ‘Add Calendar’

If you'd like to add this calendar to the Google Calendar app, let's hop over to the app to make sure it's all synced up. Within the Google Calendar app we'll want to:

  1. Click on the three dashes in the upper, left-hand corner

  2. Pick Settings

  3. Scroll down and we should see a URL like "webcal://api.schedulicity........." If not, click "Show more"

  4. Click on the URL "webcal://api.schedulicity........."

  5. Make sure "Sync" is toggled on, and you should be good to go! 💥

iPhone and iPad (iOS 14 & 15)

Once you have your Calendar Share link, give these steps a try:

  1. Navigate to your phone's home screen and select Settings

  2. Choose Calendar

  3. Open "Accounts"

  4. Select "Add Account"

  5. On the next page, choose “Other"

  6. Under "Calendars," select Add Subscribed Calendar

  7. Paste your generated Calendar Share URL (starts with "webcal"), click Next and Save

Hotmail/MSN/Windows Live

Once you have your Calendar Share link, give these steps a try within your Hotmail inbox:

  1. Navigate to the calendar and select "Import" at the top of the page

  2. Select the subscribe option on the left of the screen

  3. Paste your copied Calendar Share URL from Schedulicity into the "Calendar URL" field (starts with "webcal").

  4. Enter a 'Calendar Name' in the appropriate field and choose a color and click "Subscribe"


As you get ready to set up this calendar share, I wanted to be transparent about a few issues we have noticed with the calendar share. First, It has been brought to our attention that sometimes there is a 24-hour delay for appointments to appear over to Yahoo. Unfortunately, this is a known Yahoo delay with any calendar share and it's out of our hands.

Now from your Yahoo account, walk through these steps:

  1. Click on the Calendar icon at the top left of the page

  2. Find and select the gear icon to the right of “Actions"

  3. Choose the option "Follow Other Calendars" from the drop-down menu

  4. Name your calendar and paste the Calendar Share URL that you copied from Schedulicity into the iCal address field.

  5. Set up the other options and select "Continue"

To receive updates for your Yahoo calendar just select the down arrow to the right of the calendar and select the refresh option.

Why is my Google Calendar not showing my appointments correctly?

Sometimes we've found that applying a forced update with Google calendar can help to ensure you've shared the most up-to-date schedule. Give these steps a try to see if it helps:

  1. Navigate to your shared calendar in Google.

  2. Click on the Service name of one of your shared events.

  3. In the appointment details that appear, copy the link that appears next to the calendar. It will look something like this example link: "webcal://"

  4. Navigate back to your main Google calendar.

  5. On the left of the page, select the small arrow to the right of "Other Calendars"

  6. Choose "Add by URL"

  7. Paste your link into the appropriate field and take your cursor to the end of the link. Add the following parameter to the end of the link: &update1
    👉 With the example link, it will look like this:

  8. Hit "Add Calendar."

The updated calendar should appear alongside your current shared calendar in a different color. Then, you can hide or unsubscribe from the original calendar. Next time you need to update, just follow those steps but replace the 1 at the end of the update link with a 2, then a 3, etc.

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