That is so awesome that you are getting your clients engaged with Schedulicity! It really is the best way to help them start booking with you online, freeing up a ton more time in your day. You can share your direct URL and you can post your listing to social media pages. Check out these quick steps below:

  1. Open the Marketing area in the Schedulicity dashboard
  2. Click on the Business Listing tab
  3. Scroll down to the Spread the Word section
  4. From here you can copy and paste your URL anywhere you like or into a Client Communications message! 
  5. Also feel free to click any of the social media icons to post your page there

Here are some other suggestions on how to get clients booking online: 

1. You can opt to appear in the Schedulicity Marketplace Search Results, that way clients can head to and search for your name. 

It's also nice in case other clients in your area are searching for services that you offer! To appear in the Marketplace search results, you'll wanna be sure you have our Unlimited Bookings Plus add-on enabled. Head on over to your subscription page to get that going! You can then opt to appear in the Marketplace search results right on your Business Listing page under Settings.

2. Get your client list imported into your account and email an invite to all of your clients to book online. 

If you have clients' email addresses, you can import their information or ask us to do it for you! You can import a client list by navigating to the Clients icon on the left hand menu and selecting the “import” button in the upper right hand corner. 

Once you have your client list, you can send an invite out to all of your clients by using the "invite all" button at the top of your client list in the right hand corner. Or if you would rather, you'll see the option to send an individual invite right on a client's profile page within the "Client Scheduling Settings" section.

3. Integrate a Schedule Now button or widget to your website

This way you can simply direct your clients to your website. The website integration information is located by going to the Schedulicity dashboard's navigation menu in the upper left hand corner (the 3 striped lines) and selecting the Marketing option. After you are on the Marketing page, select the Widgets tile to access the website integration information you need.

Also, don't forget about adding the Book Now button to your Facebook business page!

4. Change your voicemail message for your business phone on how to book an appointment with you online.

One of the easiest and most successful ways to get clients scheduling online is to change your business' voicemail message. A good example is this: "If you are looking to schedule an appointment please visit our website at…" 

5. Spread the word about your online scheduling.

Lastly, the most powerful way to get started is simply letting your clients know that you now offer online scheduling. When they come in for their next appointment or class, let them know! Businesses that introduce the online scheduling to their clients verbally, have a very high success rate in getting their clients to try it out. Once clients start scheduling online, they'll love it! No more phone tag!

For more tips & tricks to nab more clients through your Schedulicity profile, check out our blog article here.

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