We're stoked to work with Instagram on their "Book Now" button, making it easy for clients to book with you right from your business page in the Instagram app. It makes for a seamless experience we know you and your clients will both love!

To get the "Book Now" button rolling on your Instagram account, let's walk through the following steps from the Instagram app, so clients can easily get to your schedule:

  1. If you're logged into Schedulicity on your phone, first be sure to log out, then log into the Instagram app and navigate to your business profile

  2. Click "Edit Profile"

  3. Select "Action Buttons"

  4. Tap the "Book Now" option and select "Schedulicity"

  5. Log into your Schedulicity Account

  6. Confirm your settings by clicking "Continue"

Once you're all set up, here's what it will look like in the app. 👇

❓ Trouble viewing the Book Now button? Let's make sure the button is active on your profile!

  1. From the Instagram app, click “Edit Profile”

  2. Select “Action Buttons”

  3. Click “Active on Profile”

  4. Choose the “Book Now” option

If you're needing to convert your personal Instagram account to a business account, you'll simply want to check out these quick steps courtesy of Instagram.

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