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How can clients schedule from my Instagram Account?
How can clients schedule from my Instagram Account?

How to Add a Book Now button to your Instagram (IG) account! Insta

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Instagram’s book now button is so handy, allowing clients to start booking with a single click from your IG business page!

💥 Before we begin: Instagram only allows for a Schedulicity account to be connected to one account at a time via the Book Now button. If your providers would also like to link over to Schedulicity, a great option is to add your account's booking URL to their bio.

To get the "Book Now" button rolling on your Instagram account, let's walk through the following steps from the Instagram app, so clients can easily get to your schedule:

  1. First, let's log out of your Schedulicity account on all devices, then log into the Instagram app and navigate to your business profile

  2. Edit Profile

  3. Click on Action buttons

  4. Choose Book Now

  5. Scroll to select Schedulicity

  6. Log in

  7. Continue as “biz name”

  8. Continue

🤔 If those steps don't look quite right, it's possible that Instagram recently updated their platform. If that's the case, you can check out their help article here. While we do our best to keep up to date on all of the changes with our integrations, sometimes things change that we miss!

Once you're all set up, here's what it will look like in the app. 👇

❓ Trouble viewing the Book Now button? Let's make sure the button is active on your profile!

  1. From the Instagram app, click “Edit Profile”

  2. Select “Action Buttons”

  3. Click “Active on Profile”

  4. Choose the “Book Now” option

If you're needing to convert your personal Instagram account to a business account, you'll simply want to check out these quick steps courtesy of Instagram.

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