We offer two options for adding Schedulicity to your website: the "Schedule Now" button and the website widget. The "Schedule Now" button will open a new window that takes clients directly to your Schedulicity Business Listing to book there. The website widget allows you to embed the Schedulicity application into your website, so clients never leave your website but are able to schedule on your site. 🙌

Also, if you are using the Linked Accounts feature, you'll even see the option to set up the scheduling widget for your individual booking page, or you can have it default to the Main Listing page for your linked accounts.

Adding the "Schedule Now" Button or the Website Widget

  1. Click the three lines on the top lefthand corner and choose Marketing

  2. Select the “Widgets” tile 

  3. Choose either the "Schedule Now" button or the Website Widget.

  4. If you select the "Schedule Now" button, remember to choose the button size and specify if you’d like to change the color or style of the button OR

  5. If you select the Website Widget, choose which type of booking (service, class, workshop, or offers) you'd like to show first to your clients. This is listed as the Default tab. Hit the "save" button when you've made your choice

  6. Choose your individual Business Listing or the Main Location Listing (if you're using Linked Accounts)

  7. Copy the code that is generated at the bottom of the "Schedule Now" button or "Website – scheduling widget" option 

From there, you'll need to log in to your website interface (where you edit the content of your website). Then, select the page to which you'd like to add the button or widget and paste the code where you would like it to appear. These website interface steps do vary based on your website provider, but once you save your changes, that button or widget should now show on your website. 

*Keep in mind, the Marketing tab is only available to Admin logins.*

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