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How do I import my client information?
How do I import my client information?

Import client list into Schedulicity

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🏃 There are a few ways to import your client list into your Schedulicity account. We can import it for you or you can give it a go!

❗You'll want to be sure to check your list before importing to make sure all the info is what you want, and it's good to check for duplicate clients. This is especially important if you already have clients in your Schedulicity database.

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Want us to import your client list?

We would love to help get your client list imported into your account! You can email it to us at! This usually takes 3-5 business days, though we try to be as efficient and speedy as we can.

The file types that work for us to import are:

  • .csv

  • Excel

If we do the import for you, we can also add more details to your client records. Here is what we can add. 👇

Prefer to import your client list yourself?

How to upload from a spreadsheet on your computer

You can do that right within your account. Just head to the Clients tab and choose Import in the upper, right-hand corner.

Using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, format your list in this order:

first name, last name, email, phone, date of birth, notes, address, city, state, postal code.

Be sure to include a header labeling the information included in each column. Check out the information within your account for access to an example!

  • Note: A middle name can be included in the CSV file but it will not be uploaded. Any contact without a first name will not be imported.

Save your list as a CSV (comma delimited) and then head into that Clients tab to walk through the steps laid out there.

What are those other options?

If it’s easier for you to use one of the other import options (Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, LinkedIn iCloud), you’ll just need to give Schedulicity access to that account, and that info will be pulled right into Schedulicity.

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