How can my clients pay?

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Here at Schedulicity, we make it easy for clients to book appointments with you. And we believe it should be just as easy for clients to pay! Whether you're processing with our built-in payment processor or you're integrated with our partner Stripe up in Canada, we've got you covered. With options from checking out clients in person, to requiring prepayment at time of booking, here are all of the ways you can accept payments from your clients:

When your client has their phone handy, send them a text, or have them scan the QR Code, to tip and pay you on their own device. Give it a try for a secure solution to collecting contactless payment!

If your client has already opted to add their preferred payment method to their own client profile, you'll have the option to charge that right from the checkout screen.

Key in a client's payment method

You'll also be able to type in a client's payment method as well! If you're working from an iOS device, you'll see the option to scan a card if you'd like, and the details will automatically populate to be charged.

If your client pays with cash or a check, choose that option to be recorded with their appointment and to zero out the balance due. If a client pays with a separate external method, choose the "Other" option as the tender type.

When you'd like clients to prepay, or pay a deposit at time of booking, that can be set for each service, class, or workshop you offer. Once the requirement is set, clients will need to pay at the time of booking.

What's Next?

  • If you're in the US, and ready to get started with payment head here for more details!

  • Are you a Canadian business or simply would prefer to connect to an existing Stripe account? Click here.

  • Questions? Support is standing by! Send us an email at or click the chat bubble on the bottom right.

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