You asked and we answered! So many people had requested a way to offer gift cards through Schedulicity that we decided to partner up with an awesome little company called Gift Card Café to help manage the sale of gift cards right from your Schedulicity page. From your listing, your clients can purchase a gift card, and in turn the gift certificate will have your online scheduling information listed right within the certificate. Clients can receive a gift card and then book their appointment super easily!

The best part is, Gift Card Café even offers a discount to our users. Check it out here:

If you want to move forward and start offering gift cards here is how to get set up in the Schedulicity dashboard

  1. Use the main menu to head to Marketing
  2. Open the Business Listing page and hit the "change" button next to the "Gift Card Cafe" section
  3. Follow the directions along on this page, which is essentially: If you have an existing account with Gift Card Café, you will want to enter your account number and then Save ID. If you don't quite yet have a Gift Card Café account then you will just want to create one and then come back to enter your account number! Once the ID is entered in on our end, that will trigger the Gift option to display on your overview page. 
  4. As long as you followed the link above, your Schedulicity business key should automatically fill in, so your clients can follow a link from their gift certificate right to your page in Schedulicity! Yippee!

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