Whether you're bringing on new service providers or are new to Schedulicity and want to add your staff members to your account, we've made it easy for you. Here's how to add a new provider to your Schedulicity business account in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. From Settings, navigate to the "Providers/Instructors" tile

  2. Click on the "add new" button from the top right-hand corner

  3. Here you can add their name, a nice bio, notification info, and you can create a limited login for them too! This will allow them access to the schedule from home or on their own devices

Once you've created their basic profile, be sure to set up their work schedule, specify which services they offer, and add a profile picture. As a side tip, If they offer a service at a different price or duration, you can specify this as well just by clicking on it within the Services Offered section.

What's Next?

  • Check out our video tutorials for more info on managing providers within your account! 

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