By now you've heard about the magic of Norm, the shockingly simple self-checkout option. So, how do you use it? Well it's surprisingly easy 💥.

First and foremost, Norm requires a Schedulicity business account to process payment. Once you sign up, we will walk you through the paperwork to get started with Schedulicity Pay.

After approval, Norm is built 🏗️ right into your checkout process.

  1. Open an appointment

  2. Click Checkout

  3. Add any discounts or make adjustments as needed

  4. Once the total looks good, click "Continue"

  5. Now you will see a few options to charge a client, the first being ✨ sparkly ✨ "Norm Self-Checkout"

  6. Once you click on "Norm Self-Checkout" you'll have two options: "Send a Text" or clients can "Scan a QR Code"

Send a Text

When a client opts to checkout through text message, a link will be sent to the client via a text message on their phone. From that link, they can add their payment information and include their tip! Clients can even choose to save their payment information on file for next time if they wish. Your screen will confirm the payment is complete and just like that-you're paid. *Text messages are only viewable for 10 minutes.

Scan A QR Code

If your client prefers the instantaneous technology of a QR Code, ask your client to take a picture. From here, they'll be brought to the checkout page and will add their payment method, choose their tip amount and yes, you guessed it, you're paid!

👉 If your client has a payment method on file already, the last four digits of the card will show to the client in either of these options to either update or leave as is! Encourage your clients to add their payment method before their appointment to keep checkout speedy.

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