How do I open things up again?

Tips for opening up your books, updating policies, restrictions, getting back to work, opening again

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If you're coming back to work after taking some time off, we've got you covered with this handy walk-through to help get your Schedulicity account back up and running 🏃

Getting the Word Out There

First things first. If your doors are opening up again, your clients will want to know! As I'm sure we've all learned through this time, communication is key to maintaining community. So when you're ready, be sure to send out a message to your client list, letting them know what to expect. 

To start getting the word out, head over to the Marketing area of your account and try our Email Marketing feature.  📩 


With things constantly changing these days, there will certainly be some new policies to make sure clients are aware of when booking with your business. There are a few different areas to consider when notifying your clients of any policy changes.

  • Marketplace Business Listing: The info laid out on your Business Listing is kind of the "home base" of your booking page, meaning clients will see this info first when landing on your booking page. This is a great, up-front place to list out any new info clients need to be aware of before booking. 

  • Email Policy: You have the ability to include a custom message in each email notification clients receive for their booking: both the confirmation email and the reminder email. Including any new info here is also a handy place to pass the info along to clients.

  • Website: If you happen to already have a business website, you could also include a link in your client email notifications, pointing clients to any policies you have listed on your business website.

  • Waivers: You have the ability to include a waiver for clients to acknowledge before they're able to book, that's a great spot to be sure clients are aware of your new policies!

Cleanup Time for Appointments

If you find yourself needing a little extra time between appointments to make sure you're ready for your next client, we have what we call "clean up time." This allows you to add a little extra time to appointments, assuring yourself that cushion of time you may need. Click here to get that going!

Online Payments

Lastly, if you're not already processing payments on Schedulicity, now is a great time to give it a try. This way, you can collect payment upfront from clients when they book their appointment, eliminating the need to exchange funds in person. 

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