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How do clients cancel/reschedule their appointments online?
How do clients cancel/reschedule their appointments online?
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As long as they are inside your Cancellation Policy, clients can cancel and reschedule online. Here are the steps that clients can follow to cancel and/or reschedule their appointments online:

  1. Sign into your Schedulicity account and you'll see all your upcoming appointments right on your home screen

  2. Click on the appointment you'd like to cancel/reschedule

  3. choose the option you'd like and confirm

That's it! Pretty easy, right? If the client is outside of your cancellation policy, they will get an error message letting them know that they're not able to cancel online.ย ๐Ÿ‘

โ—If a client has prepaid or put down a deposit for their appointment and choose the option to reschedule, those funds will move to the new appointment. A client will not be able to reschedule a class if they paid a deposit or prepayment.

โ—The client won't be able to cancel if there are funds tied to the appointment as we don't want to make a decision regarding your money to refund or not. In this case, the client will get the notice to call you for further assistance.

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