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Can I list more than one person under a client email?
Can I list more than one person under a client email?

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Schedulicity client profiles are currently set up so that one login is tied to one person at a time. This means that if Jane's email is, when she goes online to book an appointment through that email, it will be tied to Jane and her information specifically for that appointment. 

Sometimes folks are looking for a good way to book appointments for their whole family (such as a mom wanting to book appointments for her children) and Schedulicity doesn't currently have another kind of client account, such as a family or group account that would allow one person to book appointments for other people. While we're certainly keeping a finger on the pulse here, we've got a couple of handy work-arounds you can use if you're working with families or couples who usually book together. Let's dig in.

If there is a family booking appointments on Schedulicity, the best way to ensure that each person is getting scheduled with the right information is to create a unique email login for each member. For example, if Jane has a son named John, he would want to have his own Schedulicity login tied to his email,, in order for the system to transfer his information over and track his appointments. 

Another option is to have one client book the appointments under their one account, and then leave a message when booking that the appointment is for their family member or friend. So while the appointment will be officially booked for the person who was logged in, there will be a message attached to note who it's truly for. This is just a little trick folks can do for now, but again we hope to make this more streamlined in the future!

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