It isn't normal behavior for a client not to receive a text reminder, so let's take a look at a few things here! 

Are clients opted in for text reminders?

First, let's just double check they are successfully opted into receiving the texts:

  1. Head over to the Clients tab

  2. Search for the client and pull up their profile

  3. Check to see if they are opted into receiving texts under the "Client Text Reminders" header

  4. If they have opted in, be sure to check that their phone number is correct that they want to receive the texts to (sometimes people accidentally put in their home phone)

  5. OR if they are not opted in, then you can quickly get them opted in right from their profile. They will then receive a welcome text message and be opted in.

Was the text reminder sent successfully from our system?

Alrighty, if everything looks good and they are opted in successfully, we now want to check out the original appointment details to see if the text was sent successfully from our system.

  1. Head over to the Appointment Calendar in the Schedulicity dashboard

  2. Search for their appointment they said they didn't get the text for, and then open up the appointment.

  3. We want to check the "Original Appointment Details" to make sure the text reminder says sent. What does this message say here?

How are your text message reminder policies set up?

You may have already set this up, but your text messages will go out based on what you have set up within the text message reminder policies area and you can adjust this at any time. So, in rare cases, the policy can affect a client not receiving a text message. 

Here is the deal: if the client was opted in to receive text messages inside your notification policy time range, they wouldn't have received a text but would be opted in for future appointments. 

For example, if you have text messages set to go out 24 hours before the appointment and the client opts into text messages 12 hours before the appointment, they won't receive a text message reminder for that appointment, but they will receive reminders for any future appointments that are booked!

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