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Can clients send a message to me when booking an appointment? Can I reply?
Can clients send a message to me when booking an appointment? Can I reply?

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When a client books with you online, there is an option for them to leave you a message. It's a great way for them to communicate any needs to you before they show up to their appointment!

If a client does leave a message, it will then display in three places:

1. Paperclip Icon on the Appointment

You will notice a paperclip icon on the appointment itself when viewing the appointment calendar if there's a message tied to the appointment. You can view this message by clicking into the appointment where the message will be listed within the details.

2. Message Alert with Opt-in Notification 

You will also be alerted of the message if you opt in to receive appointment notifications. For email notifications, the full message will display, and text notifications will have a little "(M)" within them to call out the message.

3. Your Personal Message Center

You can manage all of your messages right through the Message Center which is in the top right-hand corner of your account. The message will be listed here if you are the provider for the appointment. You can open a message just by clicking right into it and then you will notice it will move from the un-read area to the read.

If you just want to mark a message as read, you can click on the check box to the left of the message you want and just select the "mark as read" option. You do have the option to delete the message once it's been read!

This is just a little messaging system rather than an email feature, so there isn't quite a way to reply right from that inbox. What most folks will do is just email the client directly from the client's profile or from their personal email to get in touch if needed!

If you ever want to turn off the Message Center so your clients are not allowed to send you messages, let one of our Customer Experience Rockstars know in the chat bubble to the bottom right, and they will be happy to turn this feature off for you!

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