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How to turn off tipping?
How to turn off tipping?

Disable tipping, no gratuity, turn off gratuity, turn off tips

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πŸ’° You have the ability to turn of tipping/gratuity in your Schedulicity account.

How it works

  • From the checkout screen for an appointment -> toggle the Show Gratuity Options to off

  • Schedulicity will remember this as your preference -> tipping will no show moving forward

  • If an appointment comes up in which a tip is acceptable -> toggle it back on

❗ If you clear your cache, or update the app, you'll need to reset the preference again.

How do I find it?

  1. Click on an Appointment via the Appointment Calendar -> select Checkout

  2. Click Continue -> and turn Show Gratuity Options to off or on

Here's what the toggle looks like:

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