If you have set up your Schedulicity subscription via the Schedulicity iOS Business app, you'll need to make changes to it within the app as well! For most subscription questions, you’ll want to connect with Apple directly here. With that said, there are a couple of subscription situations we’ve laid out below that are simple enough!

Changing the Unlimited Plan Level

To increase or decrease your Unlimited Plan subscription (if you need to add or remove providers/instructors) :

  1. From the iOS app, select Settings and then choose the Subscriptions tab

  2. Choose Edit

  3. Select Upgrade Plan, choose the appropriate level and Confirm Upgrade

Cancelling the Unlimited Plan

To cancel your Unlimited Plan:

  1. From the iOS app, select Settings and then choose the Subscriptions tab

  2. Click Edit, and select Cancel Unlimited Plan

  3. Click Cancel Unlimited Plan—you'll be bumped out to the Apple App Store where the subscription can be fully cancelled from Apple Subscriptions

After the Unlimited Plan has been cancelled, you'll receive continued access to the paid features until the expiration date of your plan. Upon expiration of your Unlimited Plan, you'll be dropped into the free version of Schedulicity.

* Keep in mind, this is only cancelling the Apple subscription not your Schedulicity account. Once you have cancelled the Unlimited Plan, if you wish to completely cancel your Schedulicity account, follow these steps.

What's Next?

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