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Switching to Schedulicity
Switching to Schedulicity

How to transfer to Schedulicity from a different program

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Awesome you're looking to make the switch to Schedulicity! We know moving booking platforms can be a little tricky and might even seem a bit daunting, so we wanna do all we can to help make that transition as smooth as possible for you. 

To help get things going, we've put together some areas to keep in mind as you make the move! 👍 

Client/Customer List

To get the ball rolling, we can import your client list for you. While we're not currently able to import appointments from other platforms, having your client list ready to go in your Schedulicity account is a huge step! If you're able to get your client list in a format such as Excel or Numbers, you can send it our way to get imported. Check out our importing article for a little more info there.

Client Credit Card Info

While any client credit card info stored with your current payment processor isn't able to be transferred to Schedulicity, you would still have access to those cards by logging into your payment processor, such as Square or Stripe, directly.

Then, with your new Schedulicity account, you can start fresh and start collecting new client credit cards. We have a couple of options for payment, including our own built-in payment solution, so be sure to check out our Payment article to get all the details.

Your Schedule

To help avoid any overlapping availability between booking platforms, what we've seen businesses do while transitioning over is set an end date in their previous platform, and then set a new future date they wanna start accepting appointments in Schedulicity. This is great to help avoid any duplicate bookings between accounts! If you'd like to chat through what that looks like or learn the steps needed in Schedulicity, feel free to reach out to one of our support Rockstars!

Settings/Polices with Schedulicity

As a new business with Schedulicity, you'll wanna also be sure to check out the Settings area of your account, including the Policies area, to make sure you're rolling with the best setup for you can for your business. To access your Settings and Policies you'll wanna be sure to go through the full site (not the iPhone app) at

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