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What is the difference between classes and workshops?
What is the difference between classes and workshops?

Classes vs. Workshops definition

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While Classes and Workshops are fairly similar, there are a few things that make each unique.ย Let's take a look at both options!


For basic class sessions where clients only need to book one at a time, the class feature is a great fit! Most people set up their classes in this way. During the online booking process with classes, clients sign up and register online for one class at a time.

You also have the ability to set up group booking for classes! This would allow one client to register themselves, as well as a couple of friends for a class. Check out the details on that here. ๐Ÿ‘ย 


Workshops are unique because there is an option to require clients to enroll in all sessions or to let them pick or choose which sessions they wish to go to. Because of this, clients can schedule multiple sessions at one time when booking.

Also, if you are looking for customization to change the name "workshop," you can change the name of a workshop to be any of the following options: Event, Series, Boot Camp, Seminar, Day Camp, Session, Clinic, Course, Training, Support Groups, and Tour. This can be set up right within your policies area.

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