Schedulicity has a feature to help you manage clients who often don't show up for their appointments. This feature is called the Reliability Rating. Each client starts out with 5 stars when they first create their login, and this will decrease every time you (or any business they book with via Schedulicity) marks them as a no-show.

In your General Policies, you can choose and set the baseline Reliability Rating policy for your business based on how many stars a client has. So, if you set it so that a client needs to have 4 or more stars to book with you (or whatever number you choose), only clients with 4 stars or more can schedule with you online.

Now, because Reliability Ratings are automatic within the system, you aren't able to change the star rating for an individual client since that rating is based on any no-shows they've gotten from any business on Schedulicity. However, if you want to allow a specific client to book online with you regardless of their Reliability Rating, you can adjust this for them specifically through these steps:

  1. Head over to the profile page
  2. Within the Client Scheduling Settings section of the profile, you'll simply want to select "This client can always book online."

That way you don't necessarily need to change your client rating requirement for everyone, but they will still be able to book.

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