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What is the Reliability Rating? Can I change it?
What is the Reliability Rating? Can I change it?

Client ratings for no-shows, client star rating

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🌟 Our client Reliability Rating helps you limit appointments from clients who often don't show up for their appointments.

Each client starts out with 5 stars when they first create their login, and this will decrease every time you (or any business they book with via Schedulicity) marks them as a no-show.

❗Reliability Ratings are automatic in the system and are a calculation of a clients reliability across all the businesses they've booked with on Schedulicity. For this reason, we don't have a way for an individual business to change a client's reliability rating.

Modify your Reliability Rating policy

Though there isn't a way to change a client's reliability rating, you can control what minimum rating clients need to have to book with you! Check it out:

  1. Go to Settings and select Policies

  2. Click on General Policies

  3. Under Reliability Rating use the dropdown menu to select the star rating of your choosing

  4. Save

The rating you choose within your policies will be the minimum rating requirement for clients booking online. This means that if a client has a reliability rating lower than what you select, they will be prevented from booking online.

💡 Pro tip: If you want to allow a specific client to book online with you regardless of their Reliability Rating, you can adjust this for them specifically through these steps:

  1. Go to the Client List and select the specific client's profile

  2. Under Client Scheduling Settings, click Change

  3. Select This client can always book online

  4. Save!

That way you don't necessarily need to change your client rating requirement for everyone, but this client will still be able to book. 👍

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