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What are client tags used for? How do I add, remove or delete a Tag?
What are client tags used for? How do I add, remove or delete a Tag?

Adding tags, removing tags, deleting tags, and tag management to help organize clients

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Tags are essentially keywords that you can add to a client's profile to really go above and beyond to keep track of their likes or maybe their favorite products! It's even a great way to create separate client lists if you are in a multi-provider account. Essentially you can tag a client and then send an email marketing message out to this specific subset of clients or run a report based on the tag group. The client tags are then managed under the client's record 👇

Managing tags

Add a tag

  1. From the Client List, open the client's profile

  2. Select the "Edit" button in the top right

  3. From there, click on the +Add Tag

  4. To create a new tag, type in your new tag and tap the add new tag for " ", then select Done.

  5. Otherwise, you can scroll through the tags you have already made and select one to add!

Remove a tag from a client

  1. Open the client’s profile page and select the “Edit” button at the top right

  2. From there, select the “x” to the upper right of the tag that you want to remove.

  3. After you hit the “x” you’ll see a pop where you will be asked to confirm this deletion. In addition, you can also choose to remove this tag from all clients

  4. Hit save and you should be good to go!

Delete an entire tag

You can simply navigate to a client's record that contains that tag and click to edit their profile, then select the '"x" next to the tag to remove it. From here, you will get the option to remove the tag from only that client's profile, or remove it from your system entirely! Just a heads up that once this tag has been deleted it will not be able to be restored. 👍

Utilizing Tags

As mentioned, with these client tags, you can then send targeted email marketing messages to the group based on the specific tag! To send them a message, navigate to Marketing > Email Marketing and then select the recipient list "Clients matching specified tags" and send your message!

The Clients By Tag report is a dedicated report to manage your tag groups. You'll be able to find it within Reports section in the Schedulicity dashboard. You can choose a tag from the dropdown menu to view the clients and can then print or export this list to Excel.

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