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Why can't my client see any upcoming appointments?
Why can't my client see any upcoming appointments?
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It sounds like your client recently created their own Schedulicity client account. Awesome! With that, they'll be able to manage their appointments and book future ones with you online. If you've been booking appointments for them up to this point, then they might not see the appointments that you've booked right away after creating their new account.

It sounds like the client was added to your database, which is great. Then they created a login within Schedulicity, which is double great. Now, we need to get these two profiles synced together, so the system knows to link your client with your business.

Good news! This will happen automatically the first time a client books online with you. 💃

If you would like to trigger this connection faster, there is a quick way to do that. Basically, your client can log into their Schedulicity account and then open any email notification from your business. If they follow the "My Appointments" option in these emails, their profile will get linked up and their appointments will show— yay!

Good to note: The only thing that would prevent this from syncing is if the email addresses weren’t the same, so make sure the email you have on file matches the login they just created.

Here's how you can guide your clients to see their appointments:

  1. Ask them to log into their client account through the full website

  2. They will want to find an email notification from your business (or you can send them one on the fly).

  3. When they click the large icon that says "My Appointments," they will land on their Schedulicity home screen and get linked up (they may need to refresh), so their appointments will show!

That should do the trick. ✨ If you or your clients have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to hop into the purple chat bubble and we can help further!

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