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How do I use Package Management?
How do I use Package Management?

Add a package, creating a package, selling packages, applying packages

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Package Management is a handy feature included in our Unlimited Plan, where you can sell, manage, and apply packages for your clients. Packages are an excellent way for clients to purchase multiple sessions upfront, allowing you and your clients to easily track how many sessions they have remaining directly from within their client profile.

Packages for services and classes, and workshops work a bit differently! Service packages are automatically applied when a client books online, or if the business books, you can use the Package at checkout πŸ‘ For Classes or Workshops, packages can be quickly applied at check-in.

❗If you're new to Schedulicity or thinking about signing up, and Packages are a big part of your business, there is one important detail we wanted to share! Clients can purchase a package online after selecting the date and time of their service or their class or workshop.

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Creating a Package

If you don't already have the Unlimited Plan, let's get that going by adjusting your subscription. Then, you can start creating your first Package by following these steps in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. From Settings, click on the "Packages" tile

  2. Select the "Add New" button in the upper right-hand corner

  3. Enter the package name, description, number of sessions, and price. Under the Package Category, choose whether this Package applies to Service, Class, or Workshop bookings. Lastly, choose whether you would like the packages to be available to purchase online.

  4. Be sure to save!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: If you choose Service for the category, you'll want to specify which services from the dropdown menu apply to your Package (see screenshot below). You also have the option to choose "All Services."

Here's what things will look like in your account to select which Services apply to a package πŸ‘‡

Image of package creation

Keep in mind πŸ‘‰ If you offer classes or workshops, we're not currently set up with a way to set packages so that they apply to specific classes.

If you are connected to our in-house processor or Stripe, you'll also have the option to make this available for clients to buy online. And if it's available for online purchase, you can even choose to limit the Package to a one-time purchase for clients (new client discount anyone? πŸ’β€β™€οΈ).

How do I sell Packages to my clients?

You're all set with your packages; now it's time to get selling! There are a handful of ways to sell your packages to clients. Read on to learn how πŸ€“

Allowing clients to purchase packages online

You have complete control over whether or not your packages are available for your clients to purchase. If available for online purchase, clients can choose to buy a package when they book an appointment. Clients will see the complete list of packages you offer after selecting their appointment, class, or workshop and see the packages they already have active with you.

Here's a peek at what that looks like:

In order to sell packages to clients online, you'll need to be connected to a Payment Processor, as clients will be charged the full price of the package deal when booking. Once their visit is confirmed and the Package is paid for, it will be automatically tied to their client record πŸ’₯

Will clients be charged for both a package and their appointment?

As clients have to purchase a package when booking an appointment, we've built a way for clients to bypass the payment requirement if they are buying a package that applies to their booking. This works the same for clients who previously purchased a package and still have active sessions.

That said, there are a few differences between how this is set up for services and classes/workshops:

  • For services, as package sessions are automatically applied when a client books. You'll just need to choose what services each Package applies to. If the client is booking a service their Package applies to, they won't be charged for the service.

  • For classes and workshops, you will need to set up Package Bypass on the classes or workshops where you would like clients with a package to be able to bypass payment requirements.

Check it out:

  1. From Settings, click into the Classes or Workshop tile

  2. Select the class you'd like to edit

  3. Once you have a payment requirement, you'll see the option to toggle Package Bypass to on

  4. Be sure to save!

Since packages for services are applied when clients book their appointment, package bypass is already set up there, though this will need to be set up for your classes and/or workshops.

Checkout from an appointment

If a client would like to purchase a package and you also need to check them out for their appointment, you can use the "Checkout" button from any appointment, class, or workshop reservation to add a package to their profile:

  1. Head to the client's appointment, class, or workshop session

  2. Select "View Appointment Details"

  3. Choose the "Checkout" button

  4. Select "Add item" and then "Add package"

  5. Choose the Package, and it will be added to the Checkout Details in addition to the price of the service, class, or workshop session

  6. To apply a session of this package to a service during checkout - click on the three dots next to the service, and select apply a package

  7. Go through the rest of the charge steps, choosing to charge the card on file after selecting "credit card" as the tender type

Selling a package to a client that doesn't have an appointment

You can also sell a package using the Quick Checkout feature, which is a handy way to sell a package if a client doesn't have any appointments on the books! Check it out:

  1. Navigate to Quick Checkout by clicking on the $ icon along the left (or head right to the client's profile and click Quick Checkout)

  2. Click the "+ add client" link to tie this purchase to one of your existing clients. A client will be required for any sales, including packages, as we'll need to know whose profile to put the Package on!

  3. Select Packages from the tab on the left-hand side and select the Package from the list

  4. Use the cart summary on the right-hand side to confirm it has the correct items.

  5. Use the three vertical dots to the right of any item to discount it or remove it from the cart. You can also use the "+ add discount" button to discount a specific item on the list or the subtotal.

  6. Once everything is looking just right, click "Continue."

  7. Select the tender type and complete the transaction!

Adding a package directly to a client's profile without payment

If you want to give a client a package without collecting payment, only the Admin of the account will be able to add a package directly to a client's profile:

  1. Navigate to the client's profile from the client list

  2. Under "Active Packages," click on "Add Package"

  3. Select the Package you'd like to add

  4. Add an expiration date if applicable

  5. Confirm by clicking "Add Package"

☝️ Keep in mind: While adding packages directly to a client's profile with these steps doesn't charge the client, it will create a ticket item for them that we're currently not able to remove the balance for. If there is a package that you often give away for free to clients, or if you give them a package while accepting payment outside of Schedulicity, you can create a package(s) with a $0 price to give them, so we don't end up with a ticket item and a balance due for the client. You can also run through Quick Checkout and discount the Package 100% as well.

How do my clients use their package sessions?

Now that your clients have packages tied to their accounts, they can put them to use! Again, there are a handful of ways these can apply to an appointment or class, so keep reading to learn more about how those package sessions can be used πŸ“¦

Using a client's Package for a service appointment

Service-based packages can apply to only specific services or all services. Either way, if your Package is set up for Services, a package session will automatically be used if the client books a service online tied to their Package, so you're good to go there! πŸ™Œ

If the appointment is booked on the business side and the client has a valid package on file, a package session will not be automatically decremented. You'll want to head to checkout, click the three dots next to the amount due, and apply a package session! Hit continue and complete the transaction.

Using a client's Package for a class or workshop enrollment

As we're still working on an auto- decrementing function for Classes and Workshops, we've left full control in your hands for applying those package sessions to a visit. There are three ways you can use a client's package session toward their class or workshop enrollment:

  • You can quickly use a session through "Check-in" on a class or workshop roster

  • You can apply a session to a client's visit using the "Checkout" button

  • You can manually mark a session as used from within the client's profile

Check-in from a class or workshop roster

First, you can check a client in from a class or workshop roster using the little client icon with a checkmark. By clicking the checkmark, their Package will be automatically decremented by one session.

If a client has more than one Package on their profile that applies to classes or workshops, you'll be prompted to select which Package you'd like to use. πŸ‘

Use the "Checkout" button

  1. Click into the Appointment (View Appointment Details), Class, or Workshop roster and select the Checkout button

  2. Select the three dots by the Appointment/Class/Workshop description and select "Apply a Package" to choose the Package your client wishes to use

  3. Once the Package is applied, you'll see a "package applied" stamp underneath the class/workshop

  4. You can add additional items to charge if you like (like a product), and you can add a discount too!

  5. Once you've reviewed your ticket items, click on the "Continue" button to complete your transaction!

Mark it as used in the client's profile

Finally, if a client has already used a few of their sessions, and you want to decrement these in Schedulicity, you can do this from a client's profile by following these steps:

  1. Head to the client's profile

  2. Under the "Active Packages" header, select the menu icon to the right of the number of sessions left in the Package

  3. Choose to use a session for it to be decremented from the Package or choose edit to modify the remaining sessions

  4. Save your changes!

How do I track my Packages?

We have a couple of options for tracking the popularity of your packages, as well as the number of sessions clients have remaining:

  • The Package Popularity report

  • Client Package history

Package Popularity Report

This report will break down the number of each type of Package purchased for a specific date range that you choose. When you expand the details for each Package, you will get a breakdown of each client who has purchased that Package and how many sessions they have remaining. You can find that report using these steps:

  1. Click on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner and click Reports

  2. Scroll down, and select "Package Popularity"

Client Package History

Head directly to a client's profile to find comprehensive information about their Package. Here, you can see when a package was purchased, the number of sessions used, when each session was used with the appointment it was tied to, which provider decremented the Package, and when it's set to expire.

If you want to check out all those details, you can head here in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Head to your Client List and select the client you're looking to view

  2. From here, head down to the Active Packages section and click on the 3 dots next to the Package

  3. Select "History"

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: If the number of sessions or the expiration date needs to be edited, just click "edit" instead of "history" and make those adjustments!

Can my clients see how many Package sessions they have?

You betcha! Clients will be able to see the number of sessions they have remaining in any particular package they've purchased from you. Here's how they'll be able to find that info:

From the Schedulicity Client App:

  1. Log in to the app

  2. Click on "Profile" along the bottom of the screen

  3. Click the gear icon in the top, right-hand corner

  4. Choose "Packages" from the menu

From (the full site):

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Click on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner and click My Preferences

  3. Next to the business you'd like to see your package info for, click the three horizontal lines on the right

  4. Choose "Active Packages"

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