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How do I manage my class/workshop sessions?
How do I manage my class/workshop sessions?
enroll clients, print calendar, email roster
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If you offer classes or workshops, there's lots you can do from the Class Calendar or the session roster! Enroll and check in your clients, print your monthly schedule or even email your roster in one fell swoop 🤩

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How do I enroll a client or clients in single or multiple sessions/classes at once?

You can easily sign your clients up for single or multiple class/workshop sessions! You can even enroll multiple clients at once and check them in for a session. Here's how! 👇

Enroll client in single session:

  1. Open the the Class Calendar and click on the appropriate session on the calendar

  2. Select the "enroll client" button to the right of the screen

  3. Pick the client's name from the list, or add a new client if you need

  4. Specify if you want them to be notified of being registered, and hit "Enroll Client" at the bottom

Enroll client to multiple sessions:

  1. Open the the Class Calendar and click the "Enroll Client" button in the upper right corner

  2. Find and choose the client or add a new client if you need

  3. Select all sessions that they want to attend. You'll notice that you can filter the sessions by date/time, class, or instructor, and can include just 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months of sessions

  4. Specify if you want the instructor and client to be notified of the registration and hit "Enroll Client in (x)" along the bottom right

Enroll multiple clients + Quick Enroll/Check in

  1. Open the the Class Calendar and click on the appropriate session

  2. Select the “+ quick enroll / check in” link within the Session Roster

  3. A window will open and allow you to pick the first client that you want to enroll. You'll then see that client added to your roster

  4. Simply click again on the "+ quick enroll / check in" link to add another client! You can do this as many times as you need.

How do I check a client into a class or workshop?

It's a great idea to check your clients in when they show up for class and/or workshop sessions. This way, you can keep track of their attendance!

If you would like to check clients in as they show up for the day’s class or workshop session, this can be done through the following steps in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Go to the Class Calendar and open the class or workshop whose session you’d like to check clients in

  2. Select the checkmark icon to the right of the client’s name, and they will now be checked in!

If our Package feature is set up on your account, you'll notice that a package deal can be automatically decremented just by checking a client in. For example, if the client has just one package deal, this package deal will be automatically subtracted, and if the client has multiple packages, you'll get to choose which one to use! These options will pop up automatically when that check mark is clicked. ✔️

If you're set up on the Unlimited Plan, you'll see a green Checkout button next to your enrolled client. You can click this button to pull up a checkout window, which lets you charge the client for the class or even charge for a package if your client hasn't purchased one yet.

You can also mark clients who don't show up as no-shows, as well. Just click the three dots next to the enrollment and opt to mark as a no-show.

💡 Pro tip: As you're checking in your clients to class, sometimes it's handy to see if they're arriving together as a group or separately to class! Our Group Booking view allows you to see folks who have booked in a group at a glance, versus folks who have simply booked by themselves.

To switch between the Attendees View and Group Booking View in your roster, click on either the single person to go to the "Attendees" view OR click on the group of people to go to the "Group Bookings" view 👇

You can switch between both easily, so click between either to get a peek of your students at a glance!

How do I email clients attending my class?

If you're needing to get in touch with all clients who are enrolled in your class, Schedulicity makes it easy to do so! Check this out in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Head to the Class Calendar and click on the appropriate session

  2. When the roster opens, you'll see the option to "email clients" near the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click here!

This won't send the message through Schedulicity, but will instead prompt your default email program to open and create a new message (like Mac Mail, etc). Clients will automatically be entered into the "bcc" field to keep everything nice and private for your clients—they won't see any information or email addresses for other clients enrolled in the class. 👍

Also, keep in mind that if you're sending an email message through an email program such as Outlook, you will need to separate each contact in the bcc field with a semicolon so that it sends to your contact list correctly.

How do I print my monthly calendar for classes?

  1. Head to your Class Calendar and click "Print Calendar" in the top right

  2. Choose between a "Week" or "Month" calendar

*Keep in mind, up to 6 classes per day will show on this printed view. If more than 6 are available, we suggest heading online to see the rest.

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