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How do I manage my class/workshop sessions?
How do I manage my class/workshop sessions?

enroll clients, print calendar, email roster

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If you offer classes or workshops, check out this article for how to manage your sessions 😄

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Enroll Clients

You can easily sign your clients up for single or multiple class/workshop sessions! Here's how! 👇

Enroll client in single Class or Workshop session:

  1. Open the the Class Calendar and click on the appropriate session on the calendar

  2. Select the enroll client button to the right of the screen

  3. Search for the client or add new

  4. Specify if you want them to be notified, and hit Enroll Client

Enroll client to multiple sessions (Classes only):

  1. Open the the Class Calendar and click the Enroll Client icon in the upper right (person with + sign)

  2. Choose the client or add a new client

  3. Select all desired sessions. You can filter the sessions by date/time, class, or instructor

  4. Specify if you want the instructor and client to be notified and hit Enroll Client at the bottom

Enroll client to multiple sessions (Workshops only):

  1. From the three lines in the upper left, select Workshops

  2. Click on the Workshop from the list, and then Enroll Client

  3. Enter the client, and select all the desired sessions

  4. Lastly, click Enroll Client at the bottom

Un-Enroll client from multiple Classes & Workshops:

  1. Via the class calendar, select your Class or Workshop session to pull up your roster

  2. Click on the 3 dots next to the client’s name, and select Remove From Roster

  3. Then select all the sessions to unenroll the client in, and confirm at the bottom

📫 When unenrolling a client from multiple sessions, cancelation notifications will be defaulted to off - that way we don’t overwhelm the client’s inbox with numerous emails. You can toggle that to on, if you want a client to receive multiple cancelation emails.

Enroll multiple clients + Quick Enroll/Check in

  1. Open the the Class Calendar and click on the appropriate session

  2. Select the + quick enroll / check in link within the Session Roster

  3. Choose your client and they'll immediately be enrolled and checked in!

How do I check a client into a class or workshop?

This can be done through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Class Calendar and open the class or workshop whose session you’d like to check clients in

  2. Select the checkmark icon to the right of the client’s name, and they will now be checked in!

💡 Pro Tip: If a client has a package on their profile, you'll notice that a session is automatically decremented just by checking a client in. If the client has just one package, the session will be decremented, though if the client has multiple packages, you'll get to choose which one to use!

You can also mark clients who don't show up as no-shows, as well. Just click the three dots next to the enrollment and opt to mark as a no-show.

👭 To switch between the Attendees View and Group Booking View in your roster, click on either the single person to go to the Attendees view OR click on the group of people to go to the Group Bookings view 👇

How do I email clients attending my class?

  1. Head to the Class Calendar and click on the appropriate session

  2. When the roster opens, you'll see the option to email clients near the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click here!

This won't send the message through Schedulicity, but will instead prompt your default email program to open and create a new message (like Mac Mail, etc). Clients will automatically be entered into the bcc field to keep everything nice and private for your clients—they won't see any information or email addresses for other clients enrolled in the class. 👍

How do I print my monthly calendar for classes?

  1. Head to your Class Calendar and click Print Calendar in the top right

  2. Choose between a Week or Month calendar

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