Now that you have Package Management enabled, you can start creating your first package by following these steps in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab
  2. Click on the Packages tile
  3. Select the "Add New" button in the upper right to get started 
  4. Enter the package name, description, the number of sessions, and price. Under the Package Category, choose whether this package applies to service, class, or workshop bookings. If you have our Payment add-on enabled, you'll also have the option to make this available for clients to buy online.
  5. If you'd like to limit this to a one-time purchase for clients, go ahead and check that box too
  6. Save your changes!

There are a couple of different ways clients can get those packages added to their profiles:

  • First, you can use our new Quick Checkout feature to sell a package to a client.
  • If you’ve made a package available for purchase online, a client will be able to buy a package when they book their next appointment. 
  • You can sell a package through checkout when you collect payment for a client’s visit. 
  • As the administrator of the account, you’ll also be able to add a package directly to a client’s profile without collecting payment. 

Check out the full details of all of those options for selling packages in this article, and if you want to check out how to use those sessions, this article will have all kinds of great details for you! 

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