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How do I transfer ownership of my business?
How do I transfer ownership of my business?

Change of ownership, admin swap, selling my business, new owner

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If you're selling your business, or needing to update the administrator on your Schedulicity account, our CX Rockstars can help!

Getting the ball rolling

To get the process rolling, you'll first want to ensure that the person you're transferring the admin role to has an email login set up. If they're already set up as a provider with login access, great, you can check this off your list βœ…

If someone new will be taking over, we can get them set up as a front desk user by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and select Front Desk

  2. Select the +Add New button

  3. Enter in the user's name and their email address into the user account fields

  4. Select save when finished. Your coworker will be sent an email prompting them to create their own password for the account! If they don't receive the email for some reason, they can go to log in and then select forgot password and this will send them a new one and they'll be good to go!

Once they're all set with a login, it's time for the Rockstars to work some magic behind the scenes! Please send us an email (from the current admin email) to with the following information:

  1. The date you'd like to have the change take place

  2. The email address of the new admin

Your message might look something like this:

Hey Rockstars πŸ‘‹

I'm selling my business to my provider Pamela (, and I would like to transfer administrative access to her, effective February 1. Could you please set her up as the admin?


(Feel free to copy and paste the exact message above with the new admin and the date that you want!)

From there, we'll be able to make the swap and help get the new admin settled into the account.

Other things to keep in mind πŸ’‘

Payment Processor:

If your account is connected to a payment processor, we'll want to remove this connection so that the new owner can connect to their own processor and have transactions deposited into their account.

Account Payment:

You can choose to update the card on file for the account's Schedulicity subscription before the swap takes place. This will ensure that your card is no longer billed for Schedulicity's subscription fees!

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