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How do I update my prices for services?
How do I update my prices for services?

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We've got you covered with all the ins and outs of this process within Schedulicity's platform, so let's jump right in 🐸

Updating prices for services

Note: πŸ“” Any appointments already on the books won't update to your new price.

Here are the steps to change your prices:

  1. Head to Settings and select Services

  2. Choose your service

  3. Click 'Edit' in the upper right corner

  4. Update the price

  5. Save

If you are still seeing an old price listed:

If you've updated your service prices within Settings, yet are still seeing an old price reflected, the service price was adjusted right within the provider profile. In order to have prices match across the board, check out these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and click on Providers/Instructors

  2. Select the provider profile where the price isn't matching

  3. Choose the Services tab and click Customize next to the service

  4. Click reset to original values

  5. Save


    ❗ The prices within the Provider profile always override the price under Services. This is because sometimes different providers offer different pricing or duration for services.

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