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How do my clients join the appointment waitlist?
How do my clients join the appointment waitlist?
Clients joining waitlist for services, appointments, notifications/email for waitlist
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Once you have your account set up for clients to add themselves to your appointment waitlist—which you can get going here—it's a smooth and intuitive process for clients to walk through. Plus, it all happens through the standard booking workflow and they can do in on the client apps, or the full site! 👍

Joining the Waitlist

To add themselves to your waitlist when things are all booked up—woohoo!—clients will head to your booking page as if they were going to book an appointment. If you'd like to walk through and check out what your clients will see, here are the full steps to view what clients will see on their end.

  1. Head to the business's booking page

  2. Choose a service (or services)

  3. The Provider screen will pop up, and if the provider's schedule is full, clients will see the option to "Join the Waitlist" next to the provider's name

  4. Click "Join the Waitlist"

  5. Select your waitlist details and hit "Join the Waitlist" at the bottom of the page

*If the client isn't logged in, they'll be prompted to log in before adding themselves to the waitlist.

After selecting their waitlist details, clients will be notified by email that they have been added to your waitlist. From there, when a spot opens up and you book them, they'll receive an email notification confirming they have been booked. 👌

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