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Tax Time with Schedulicity Pay
Tax Time with Schedulicity Pay

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💳 What to expect at tax time if you're processing credit card payments with Schedulicity.

When will I receive my 1099-K?

  • At the end of each January, our payment partners—Schedulicity Pay (Adyen), Clearent, and Stripe—issue 1099-K forms

  • There are no tax forms from Schedulicity directly -> Payment Processors issue tax forms

  • Schedulicity Pay (Adyen), Clearent, and Stripe will report on all credit card transactions ran through your Schedulicity account for a tax year

How can I access my 1099-K online?

🚥 Cash, Check, & Other tender types:

  • Keep in mind that any cash, check, or transactions types won't be reported on your 1099-K

  • Access those tender types via Schedulicity, from the Transaction Report or Sales Summary

What sales reports can I access in Schedulicity?

  • Breaks down gross sales, net sales, discounts, fees, refunds, taxes, and gratuity

  • Filter by provider as well as date range

  • Track all the transaction (line by line) you’ve collected through Schedulicity

  • Filter by date range & export for more data

👕 Where can I find my product sales?

Via the Product Management report, to track taxes, net sales, and profit.

  1. Select the three lines in the upper left -> choose Reports

  2. Click Product Management report

  3. Set your date range (up to 1 year at a time)

  4. Choose to view, print or export in the upper right

📣 For more help around gathering your tax documents or anything else, contact our Customer Support Team.

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