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How do I keep track of my income?
How do I keep track of my income?

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The Transaction Report helps you track and manage all the payments you’ve collected through your Schedulicity account. The exported version even has a call out specifically for gratuity, so you can see how much you’ve made in tips for the month 💰

To export your Transaction Report:

  1. From Settings go to Payments

  2. Click Edit next to Report Settings to select your date range, tender type or Client name if you need

  3. To export, click the Export to Excel button at the top right

  4. The list will download to your browser, and you can open in Excel 📈

❗ This report is found under Settings, and is only available with the Admin login.

The exported transaction list contains: Processed Date, Description, Provider, Client Name, Confirmation Code, Transaction ID, Tender Type, Amount Charged, Fill My Book Fees, Deal Manager Fees, Status, Discount (description, percent, and amount) Gratuity, Tax Percent, Tax Amount, Notes, Payment Processor, and Created by (business user's name or client's name).

Payment processing fees will also be listed per transaction on the exported version of the report

If you're looking for a breakdown on everything a client purchased (from the service, class, or workshop they came in for, to packages, products, or custom items), each transaction tied to the visit, and the breakdown of what has been paid, and what the client still owes... be sure to check out the Ticket Management area!

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