With our Multiple Location add-on, you can easily manage 2 (or more!) different locations out of one, main account. This means that each location will be properly mapped, clients will get notifications that are specific to the location they booked, and you can easily flip between accounts to manage everyone's calendars and account access! Sweet!

How much does the Multiple Locations add-on cost?

While Multiple Locations is only $5/month for the main location, keep in mind that each linked location will still be responsible for the add-ons they need, such as Unlimited Bookings Plus, Payment, Package Management, Auto-Billing, Client Text Reminders and Automated Marketing. 

If you're ready to give things a go, first make sure you're logged into the account that's going to act as the main account, as it's the one that will be set up to manage provider/front desk access for any linked accounts. Once there, walk through these steps to enable the add-on:

  1. Once logged into the full site Schedulicity dashboard (not the iPhone app), click on the three blue lines and select My Plan from the menu
  2. Click Manage Plan tab across the top of the page
  3. Toggle the Multiple Locations option on (it will turn green)
  4. Lastly, press the blue "Review & Confirm" button in the upper right to get things rolling

Now, you'll want to head over to Settings and find your new Multiple Locations tile to start linking businesses! Once you're linked up to other locations, you'll be able to easily jump between each account by using the location drop down along the top of your account. 👍

Oh, and if you have providers that need access to another location as well, don't forget to adjust their login from the Multiple Locations tile! Like this:

  1. From the main account, click on the Multiple Locations tile
  2. Check out the Manage Access section
  3. As long as a user has login access, you'll see their name listed here. You can choose the down arrow by their name to see which accounts this person has access to and what their role is in each.
  4. Click the "change" button next to a location you'd like to give access to
  5. Choose whether you'd like them have provider access or front desk access
  6. Hit Save!

If you'd like a little visual of the setup and what things will look like, here's a great video:

Of course, we're here for you every step of the way, so if you need any help in linking up an existing location or creating a new one to link, just shoot a message on over to support@schedulicity.com 🚀. 

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