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Is my client information private with Schedulicity?
Is my client information private with Schedulicity?

Privacy and security

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Thank you for taking your clients' security so seriously! We treat the privacy of your clients (and all of our businesses) with the utmost care as well, and we know your clients are grateful you have their backs.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to privacy and security with Schedulicity. Let's take a look. 👇

  • To start, Schedulicity's system requires an SSL connection for all of our logins. This provides a high level of security for handling and transferring data.

  • Secondly, if your clients contact us for help we do offer our free and awesome customer support; however, we will never contact them unless they contact us first with booking questions.

  • Lastly, in the several years we have been in business, we have not advertised to your clients. In our terms, our lawyer did recommend that we include that part, but rest assured we haven't practiced that in all the years we have been around, Also, we don't share any of their information, except contact information when they book online with a business—like when they book with you! 😊  

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