Problem email address are email addresses that we have had a hard time delivering to. These could have failed to send for a couple of reasons. 

  1. First, you will want to check if the email is spelled correctly or that the email is indeed the correct email address. 
  2. Second, the email may have bounced which is totally out of our control, unfortunately.

You may know this, but emails can bounce for a lot of different reasons. Here are a few examples: a full inbox, settings that the email owner has in place, firewall protections, undeliverable mail, or maybe even blocked mail.

How to manage bad email addresses

To help manage these "bad" emails we have a way to view the list within the Email Marketing message you sent. I think the easiest way to view and manage these addresses, though, is by using our special report. Here is how to do that in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab
  2. Select the Problem Email Addresses report

Here, you'll see the addresses that have bounced in the past. As a result, we have stopped attempting to send emails to these addresses until the client’s email is edited or verified by you. 

How to verify or correct bad email addresses

 Here is how to verify just in case you have some on that list:

  1. Head to your client list and select the client’s name to be redirected to their profile
  2. You will notice that their email address within the profile has a yellow box around it
  3. Select the “edit” button on the top right-hand side of the screen. If the email address is correct, then go ahead and select the “verify” button on the client’s profile to remove that warning. If it isn't correct, change or edit whatever you need to!
  4. After verifying, be sure to hit Save

We'll now start sending messages out to this client again! 🚀

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